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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

10 th Avenue - Cambria City

This tenement in Cambria City is behind what was St. Nicholas Church on 10th Avenue. The Penelec office building which is right across the street from St. Columba is where this house was.


Anonymous said...

Lisa,I was living behind the Serbian church when I was born.We lived in the 2nd door.Banda's lived in one of the places also.The outhouses,4-6 ran along the bountry line of the parrish house.The row houses were owned by the church.In 1946 or 1947 we moved to Morrellville.The bums that my Baba fed followed us to Morrellville.They came till the city got rid of the 2 camps in the 1950's.One was along Sherdian St And the other was along Rosevelt Blvt.During the day you didn't notice but at night you would see the camp fires burning.Elainei

AL said...

Watch out for that first step!

I notice many of these old houses had a door but no porch.

Debra said...

The person walking by the side of the building looks kind of ghostly. Spooky! :o)