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Friday, November 9, 2012

Slovak Educational Club - 1950's

Vintage Repeat - This is the old S.E.S Club on Virginia Avenue. My Uncle Mike Toth is the guy sitting second from the right with his hand on his chin.  I have no idea who the others are. The only times I ever went in there was at Christmas. For all of you of a certain age - remember the bag of goodies we'd all get during the holidays - an apple or orange, popcorn ball and Mallo Cups.
What I love the most about this picture is the bar itself - the old bartender in me appreciates just how hard that poor barmaid dressed to kill really did have it - even though it pains me to say it - I still miss tending bar at times and then the feeling goes on the picture to enlarge it.


Len said...

My uncle used to belong to this and he used to take my cousin and me there during Christmas way back in the early '60s for those goodies. Havent been inside there since.

Pamela said...

Friday night Fish Fry!!! Delicious. My grandmother Mary Tavalsky worked in the kitchen on Fridays, and my family would make a night of it. Playing with the little bowling machine, the pool table, my pap pap ordering "Shirley Temples" for us, the Christmas parties, so much fun and such great memories. I was there the night the PA lottery pulled the 666 number, I'll never forget it.