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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Rosa (Baum) Lenz - Virginia Avenue - Morrellville

This is a picture of my Great-Grandmother - Rosa (Baum) Lenz 1873 - 1937. She was born in Dusseldorf, Germany and came over to America shortly after the Flood in 1891.
I believe this photo was taken just after she arrived and before she became engaged to my Great-Grandfather John Henry Lenz. She brought few possessions over with her, but the one thing that stands out to me is an old autograph book - full of saying and greetings in both German and English.
I have tried to get some of these pages translated - since even I couldn't figure it out. But it's a style of German no longer used - basically they are a mixture of greetings and best wishes.
At least you can understand the next two.
The Lenz Family were founding members of St. Paul Lutheran Church on Virginia Avenue.
Which came in handy considering they lived right next to the church in the house along the alley.
During World War Two - the family sent care packages over to Germany since Rosa still had a brother Louis living there during the war.


Anonymous said...

My grandparents, parents, and I attended St. Paul's Evangelical Lutheran Church. I married there on 10/14/89.

Alanna said...

I always knew this house hadn't changed much over the years. The tree is now gone and the fence replaced by hedges. I remember Mr. and Mrs. Sojak living there. I often sat on their back porch swing with her as a little girl. When we were older and would cut through their yard during games of hide and seek, Mr. Sojak would chase us with a broom!