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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A.J. Moxham Home

The Grove, home of Arthur J. Moxham, completed by architect B. F. Horner in
March 1889 on a large wooded lot adjacent to the Dining/Dancing Hall and the band
shell of the Von Lunen Grove. Photograph taken in the summer of 1890;identifiable
on the porch are Helen Moxham (middle), her sister Dullie, Moxham's sister Evangeline,
and their two daughters Dulcenia (age 4) and Eva (age 2), being held). When Moxham moved
his family to Lorain, Ohio in March 1895, the residence was occupied by Coleman du Pont,
whom Moxham had brought from Louisville to be the new general manager at the mill.
When du Pont left Johnstown in 1898, the house remained empty for three years until
it was purchased by W. B. Dibert in May 1901. In 1916 the house was gutted by fire
and razed, and the property was subdivided into standard residential lots (Jim Moxham).


Anonymous said...

Hi, any idea of the address of this former beauty?
Thank you, Lisa

Lisa Cacicia said...

I'll have to look it up - Lisa

Don said...

Ohio street, where the church with the red dome is. The exact property.