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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

JHS Print Shop - 1931

Johnstown High School Print Shop - 1931


Jim Koontz said...

My grandfather, Joseph B. Coyle, was the print shop teacher at JHS for many years. I believe he may have been there in 1931. I know he retired somewhere around 1965. I used to love to go see him after school. The smell of the shop was addictive. Grandpa used to print and post cards with sayings by Poor Richard. I remember Grandpa (Joby) was meticulous in keeping the print shop clean and organized. I wish others would post pictures, maybe some with my Grandpa in them.

mesaros22 said...

It's hard to tell, but my dad might be in this photo, he graduated from JHS in 1932. Actually, when he was graduating, they were updating the printshop equipment and my dad bought one of the hand letter presses --which we still have today. I remember my dad showing me how to use the press when I was a young girl, no wonder I ended up in the publishing and journalism industry. Good memories.

Anonymous said...

I took print shop there in 1968-69 and it looked exactly the same. Amazing how some things never changed.

Ron said...

I was ready to ask if Mr. Weaver was the teacher in print back in 1931.