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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Penelec - 1964

Nice old picture postcard of the new Penelec Building along Broad Street in Cambria City.


Unknown said...

wow love them old cars. it looked nice at Christmas when the building floors was all red and green. dam shame they had to rip cambria city apart to do this. wheres penelec now

Minor Leaguer said...

I spent 37 1/2 years of my life in this building. I started working there right out of high school 6/9/69 (how could I forget that date?) and retired at 55 a few years ago.

In 1977 I worked on the ground floor, which was elevated 3-4 feet above street level. The flood water was another 6 or 7 feet high inside our office, covering our new computers that were being used for a new system that went live on July 1, just three weeks earler.