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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Ship Hotel - See Three States

Beautiful old shot of the Ship Hotel sent in by reader Ryan L. Some of you will probably remember - that the Ship Hotel had a smell all its own - I hate to say it - but it sort of smelled like pee. But having said this - going there was always such a wonderful adventure and it just took your breath away standing on deck and looking out to three states with the wind blowing in your face. Up until the 1970's - most people around here didn't have the money to go away on vacation - you just stayed close to home - places like Ideal and Idlewild Parks were busy along with countless summer church picnics. And besides all us kids spent the entire summer time playing outside - for you younger readers - I am old enough to have been able to enjoy black and white TV and having a choice of only three channels and we all thought that was great.

CLICK HERE to see a picture of member of my family on the ship deck in 1940.

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