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Monday, April 4, 2011

Unknown Plot - Grandview - 1889

Nice vintage postcard sent in by reader Kathy P. of the Plot of the Unknown Dead up at Grandview Cemetery. I am planning a different kind of look back in May on the 1889 Flood. So if any of you readers had ancestors in the flood  - please let me know. What you have to realize is that the so called 'Official' list of the dead - is far from complete - and as I am a kind of rogue historian (anyone that knows me knows why I say that) - I am working getting those not on the list on. My own family had members that died in the Flood (and I have proof) and they are not on the list. Which upsets me. So if you have any stories passed down thru your family - please let me know - those stories are worth more than gold to me. And they are a living link to history.

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