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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Minersville Playground - 1918

Another summer repeat - the old Minersville Playground around 1918 or so.


JS said...

Having lived in Minersville for half my life, I can tell you I spent too many years in that playground.

The basketball hoop and backboard are still in the same place although they are now made of steel. The poles in the foreground of the pic with what appears to be a swingset is now the far end of the basketball court - the side that is closest to what is now Honan Avenue, which would also be the right border of this pic. The small, dark house behind the kids was standing until the late 90s, when it was eventually torn down and a sloppy looking garage was built in it's place. The hillside on the left of the pic is now grown in and hasn't been maintained in over 20 years.

Anonymous said...

Actually, by looking at this photo, I don't think it's at the site of the present, or at least most recent site of what was the Minersville playground. It actually appears to be on the site of the present day Minersville PNA with Iron Street to the right of the picture.

Ed said...

I have to agree with JS, the Geography is off for Iron Street to be to the right. The bigger tell to the pic are the houses to the right.

As JS said, I remember that small house behind the far basketball hoop, which would be the Honan Ave entrance of the current playground. The house behind that is still there, with the house on it's right side being JS's house. Also still there are 2 of the houses on the opposite side of the street (Honan Ave) The tell on those houses being the roofs that slope toward the street, both friends of ours houses.

Honan Ave still has the same gradual right turn up from those houses as seen in the center right of the pic.

From the looks of it, the photographer's back is to Benshoff Street. The thing JS got wrong is the current location of the basketball court (if it is still there.) The hoops would be to the right and left of the photographer, I estimate he is probably right of center court as he stands.

As far as everything on upper left, it has long since been gone, prior to the 70's-80's when we grew up there. I can however vouch for the foundations that still existed in the places where those buildings pictured once stood.