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Thursday, July 26, 2012


Summer repeat - 600 block of  Maple Avenue in Woodvale.


Anonymous said...

What a picture of my old neighborhood! Imagine you are standing where the camera is. Out of view and to the right would be St. John the Baptist Ukrainian Catholic Church. The building where the bond sign is painted extends all the way back to Iolite Avenue with individual apartments. I remember the Shesko's, the Novack's, and a few others. On the Iolite Avenue end was an older man with a peg leg. The row was called Chupaks Row. Two of the shops I remember were a shoemaker and a black taylor named Mr. Kennedy...a really nice man. Further up you see the overhead sign for Pristow's Supermarket. Owned by the same family who had the car dealership, Evan and his brother Victor Pristow worked there. Anybody have any more Woodvale pictures????

Anonymous said...

great picture..brings back fond memories of Woodvale Grade School in the 50's.

Anonymous said...

I remember the Shesko's, Unisko's, and Kovalchicks.

don matas said...

any pictures of Woodvale Elementary of classes of students who attended there.