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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Bedford, Main and Clinton Streets - abt 1912

Summer rerun: Nice vintage slice of downtown Johnstown from about 1912 showing Bedford, Main and Clinton Streets. On the right - the Swank Building and on the left is the old Hub Store  - I see having a big sale - this is where the Senior Center is now. The building the Trolley is passing is were the old Wertz Drug Store was. It's now that office building built after the '77 Flood. 


Ron said...

This is a nice picture. I am showing my age-----All I remember being there is that ugly building and parking garage that sits there now and the senior center.

Anonymous said...

That building on Clinton Street has Wertz Drug written on the window and the building where J.C. Penney's was has some Candy Co. written at the top but I cannot make it out.