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Sunday, November 11, 2012

War Relief Fund - 1915

Back in 1915 - The German and Hungarians got together to help raise funds for their relatives back in the old country as World War I continued to wreck havoc all across the landscape. Officially the U.S. was neutral - which meant that this War Relief Fund for the German People was legal. The German Ambassador even came to Johnstown to thank the people. My great-grandmother Mrs. John Lenz was head of the committee - along with Mrs. John Abele, Mrs. Joseph Bullinger, Mrs. Frank Bruckner and Mrs. Carl Schubert. The event was held at the Masonic Temple. One of these days - I will scan the entire booklet.


Susan Sliwa said...

If you ever come across a Caroline Wild in that book please let me know - that would be my Great Great Grandmother.

soultraveler said...

Thank you for posting-Mrs John C Abele a great grandmother!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting-Mrs Abele was a family member and we enjoyed seeing this.