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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Franklin Street - Looking Towards Hospitals

Franklin Street looking down towards the hospitals. The photographer is standing directly in front of my cousin (Sunseri's) house. There never was ever a good place to park there. Unknown year - but 1950's for sure - think I'll stop down at the old Gulf Station and fill up - since it's only 26 cents a gallon.


Ron said...

and you still can't find a good parking spot there.

Anonymous said...

That was the road coming down from where my Uncle lived. I never thought I would see it again. thanks for posting it.

Brian said...

Johnstown always looks so filthy in these old photos. I love the 26cent per gallon gas on the corner.

Anonymous said...

Gas was the same price all the way into the very late 60's. I remember people driving from town to Richland to save a penny per gallon. This was when cars got 10 to 15 miles per gallon and the gas tanks were held 26 gallons.