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Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Cacicia's from Trabia

Meet my great-grandparents: Lucia (Scardina) and Onofrio Cacicia. This was taken about 1910 or so - most likely in Trabia, Palermo, Sicily. Onofrio made the trip over three times - each time to Johnstown where we had other cousins already here staying at a boarding house on Washington Street. Until the day his daughter Anna (Cacicia) Sunseri died at age 99 in 1989 - anytime Zia would talk about him - she would pretend to spit on the floor and give the sign for malocchio. It seems that around 1914 or so - he was in Johnstown once again. He supposedly was a fisherman back in Sicily - but not having much call for that here in Johnstown - from what I gathered he spent more time with the ladies - enjoying a drink or two.
Anna and her husband Frank Sunseri had a store at the bottom of Prospect Hill. Onofrio running low on cash - took $75 out of the till - quite a large sum for 1914. He ended up running off to Brooklyn - to lay low with some relatives there and that's the last that anyone ever heard from him.
And one more thing - there is still alot of family resemblance amongst all of us in regards to these two - whether we like it or not.


Anonymous said...

That's CACICIA Salvatore, borno i n Faenza , RA, Italy.

I'm the only male from the Onofrio roots. by the way, we made our duty, the last one is Manfredi Onofruio Germano Cacicia.

I grew up in North Italy, Austrian borders,
father Onofrio Cacicia Was a Militar
at that time.
Now I live in Faenza , and Cacicia _ Italy are here.
The man in the picture, original in my hand is my grand-grand father
For any question about family contact me :

Joyce said...


My name is Joyce Moreira (Pechanec). My mom was Josephine Pechanec (Piazza) and my Grandma was Maria (Cacicia) Piazza.

I visited Johnstown when I was about 8 yrs. ago with my folks--Josephine and Frank and got to know Auntie Ann and cousin Annie and Gertie. Visited with Uncle John and Uncle Frank too.

Returned to visit cousin Annie when I got married -- I have wonderful memories of your family and our Johnstown visits.

Anyway I would like to keep in touch. I have a picture of my grandma Maria with her brother Salvatore and Anna when they were kids which I would like to send you. Don't know how to add a pix to this text.

Anyway I got online because I am going to Sicily and will be in Palermo. Wondered if there are any related Cacicia's still there--internet tells me there are 8 people by that name living there at present.

Hope to hear from you,

Joyce Moreira

Albany, Oregon