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Friday, July 27, 2012

A Walk to Town

Today's post is for all you out of town readers. First up - the Brownstown Bridge.
Cambria City
Coming off the bridge towards Broad street - it's a bit like a jungle.
The intersection of Roosevelt Blvd and McConaughy Street.
The footbridge to Iron Street.
The walk along the river with JWF on the left hand side.
The old tanks are still there.
Stuff still hanging around in town. Dr. W. Horne - Dentist
Gilbert's Footwear
Klug and Hornick Grocery
The best dining in Johnstown - Coney Island - my favorite place to eat!
But I'm sure sure what this used to say.
Moxham National Bank
Walkway along side City Hall.
Em's Sub Shop - they have the BEST sugar cookies!
I guess you have to be of a certain age to know what this means.
And we finish up with the small Veterans Park - across from City Hall.


Brian said...

At least the bathrooms under City Hall are now closed. My dad would take me there when I was little. They were creepy.

Anonymous said...

Wonder what all is in the old dentist office still..When did it close down?

Unknown said...

Id give my eye teeth to have a coney island dog right now!