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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Keeping it in the Family - So to Speak

I have another tale of cousins marrying cousins. And this time - it's even more interesting - but I won't use their last name - because some of their family might not know.
She was a nun in the old country and he was studying to be a priest. Their fathers were brothers in a very small and close-knit community in the old country. But it seems the love birds just couldn't stay away from each other. She was slightly older than him - sent to a nunnery to cure her of him. He was sent to become a priest. Needless to say - it didn't stick to either of them. They both left their orders and married in the old country just days before heading on a boat to America.
I can remember the day I heard this story. I was playing outside at my great-grandmothers house and she was talking about. Usually when they would talk the good stuff - they'd switch over to slovak. But not this time. I stopped playing and sat on the steps taking it all in. Whether it was because of that or something else - my family never really bothered with them much - I think they didn't want anything to do with us - their loss. I can remember seeing her only once. My mother wanted to introduce us to her - but the old nun didn't want anything to do with us. She just sat like ancient Queen Victoria on her porch in her rocking chair.


Debra said...

Great story!

Carolyn said...

I love this Romeo and Juliet story! How romantic, and it had a happy ending!