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Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Eternal Flame Vandals

Took the Ruckus out to a couple of different spots around Johnstown for some pictures and stopped at the Eternal Flame.
Just a beautiful setting for some pictures....but what you didn't see is this:
Idiots threw some rocks at the lamps on the right and busted them all up...
I just truly don't get why some people feel compelled to do stuff like this.


Anonymous said...

johnstown never disapp

Anonymous said...

The punks of today need to be taught a permanent lesson, and I do mean permanent. They get away with everything today and that courts do nothing about them. And there stupid parents are not much better.

Ron said...

That's the low-life scum in the city.

BTW, how safe is that area after dark? I really want to photograph the stone bridge all lit up.

Lisa Cacicia said...


It should be a bit safer for the next two weeks. AAABA playoffs now and the tourney - so there are more people around in case something would happen.


Anonymous said...

Reading the posting on this subject, sure makes me sad. Back when I grew up in Johnstown, I was born in 49, you did not have to be afraid. I live in hillbilly where 90% of the people are low level scum, and the courts do nothing about the scum. I expect that in the south, but to see that in my home town makes me sick.


Anonymous said...

I should have put in the above post Hillbilly Land, East TN, the Scruffy Little City.

Also as a former cop and professional sniper with the army and state police, I wish you luck. I could only take out so many in my life. Now days I would just run out of ammo before I ran out of targets in such a rich target enthronement.

updesr said...

what a darn shame. these kids are punks that did this