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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Apex TV & Radio Service - 1953

Your old set will make the down payment - $120.00 Trade In - Big 27" Screen - Table Model Television Set - Yours for only $399.95 - Apex TV & Radio Service - 650 Pine Street


Anonymous said...

$399.95 in 1953? Wow. An inflation calculator on the internet indicated that $399.95 in 1953 equals $3,466.34 in current dollars. (

Anonymous said...

Most items do inflat in price as the years go on but that is not the case with electronics. I have a IBM personal computer with no hard drive that cost over $10k back in 1984. I doubt that you can buy a computer today without a hard drive and if you did, it would probably be $99.

Pete said...

They had some amazing hours for service back then. 9am to 10pm daily and 1pm to 6pm on Sundays. Take me back to the good old days. Now days, it is a throw away world.

Anonymous said...

Penn Furniture had two full time repairmen whose job it was to make house calls to fix TV's. How times have changed.