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Monday, May 20, 2013

Saving a Cemetery - Browns Farm

Now that I finally have the means to haul a lawn mower up to Browns - I can finally begin to bring Laurel Hill Cemetery back to life. A project I have been dreaming about for years. 
Cut the grass as best I could considering there are a lot of smaller stones hidden under decades of growth.
What you see behind the stones are birch saplings trying to take over the cemetery.
More saplings and not grass...wish it was grass - would be alot easier to deal with.
And even more saplings behind John Brown. Eventually this saplings will become trees and erase most of the features of this sacred spot. But not if I can help it!
 Cut a path up from the cemetery.
Had my nephew with me - he helped for a while - then went over to the pond to catch salamanders.
And catch them he did - we brought ten home and he made a spot for them by the crick to see if they take.
Beauty like this just melts my heart - looking up at the remains of the old Harshberger Grove from the cemetery and the 150+ old apple trees - I call "the three sisters". I will keep you posted on the progress I am making on bringing this cemetery back to life. 


Debra said...

Awesome! High five!

Anonymous said...

Where is this cemetery located? Lived in Morrellville but do not remember Brown's Farm

Lisa Cacicia said...

Above Mountain Road - Lisa

JoAnn said...

You need to add your current pictures of the cemetery!