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Monday, April 14, 2014

Readied For Active Duty In The Navy

Eighteen men of the Battalion 4-20, Divisions 447 and 418, Naval Reserve, will leave Johnstown early Sunday morning to begin a tour of active duty. They will go to the Philadelphia Naval Yards. In a preview demonstration last night at the Naval Reserve Training Center, Coopersdale, the men seemed happy regardless of the fact that they soon would be in training again.
Pictured - left to right from the bottom of the steps
First Row: Robert Zeiler, Eugene Verbano, Dalles Stiles, Michael Mindala.
Second Row: Homer Lloyd, Silvio Landino, Henry McClintock, Francis Vanderberg, Henry Wertz.
Third Row: Frank Petak, John Haskins Jr., Joseph Stibich, Randell Smith, William Rennie.
Fourth Row: Paul Miller, Edmund Worley, Andrew Piskura and Harry Horner.

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