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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

U.S. Steel

U.S. Steel - Moxham Plant

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GreyGhost said...

Number 2 electric foundry - pictured here is the Melt Shop, the building in the foreground is the bag house - it collected dirt and dust from the electric furnaces, it took all of the red dust out of the smoke etc. it had loud acoustic horns inside that made a loud 'huuuuuummmm' that could be heard all over the area sort of like an air horn. when it did that it would knock all of the powder from the smoke and knock it all into the bags, a big vacuum machine would draw it all to a special dumpster to be hauled away as residual waste. the building in the background had the big number 3 furnace in it, I don't remember the tonnage but I think it was 80 tons of molten steel. there was a holding furnace next to it, plus a smaller furnace 15-25 ton. all in there. it's all gone now, this was all secret back in the day, even in the 90s (industrial secrets) we were not allowed to photograph it etc. it was a really neat operation. this photo was taken before the cooling tower was installed and a few other things.