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Monday, September 7, 2015

September 7, 1944: American First and Third Armies Pound Toward Siegried Line on Broad Fronts

The Johnstown Tribune - September 7, 1944
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Charles Hogue
John Hogue
Robert Hogue
Kenneth Hogue
Leroy Harvey
Ladislaus William Hanzel
Francis Cooper
Thomas Neral
Frank Doliveira
Andrew Tomasko
Julio Salerni
Robert Steach
Birth Notes:
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Ickes - daughter
Mr. & Mrs. John Babik - son
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Myers - son - Robert Earl
Mr. & Mrs. Carroll Carter - son - Gregory Paul
Mr. & Mrs. John McGill - son
Mr. & Mrs. John Kulbacka - son
Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Bangs - son
Mr. & Mrs. Russell Passeau -  daughter
Mr. & Mrs. Emanuel Sandoval - son

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