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Friday, December 18, 2015

December 18, 1944: Nazis Launch Counter-Offensive

The Johnstown Tribune - December 18, 1944
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Pfc. Michael Kabo
Lt. John Veil Jr.
Miss Mildred Furry
Mrs. Theodore Sharpe
Cpl. Edward Looker
Wonders - McMonagle Wedding
Melvin Cameron
Am-Slo Christmas Party
John Soltis
Frank Lawrence
Joseph Cowan
Kuzma Orletsky
Cpl. John Graham
Andrew Graham
Joseph Graham
Cpl. George Graham
Michael Graham
Andrew Gaydos
George Gaydos
Joseph Gaydos
Michael Gaydos
Michael Lesko
1st Lt. Luther Allen
Tech. Sgt. Harold Reinholtz

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