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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Custom-Built Seating Local Firm's Product

One of the more unusual of Johnstown's diversfied industries is the National Booth & Lounge Manufacturing Company of 100 Station Street, Ferndale.
The fir manufactures custom-built seating for hotels and restaurants, clubs and institutios and the salon, office and home. It is a wholesale operation, selling its products through dealers in most of the Eastern States.

At present, 14 persons are employed by the company. The annual payroll is $50,000. C.R. Mazer, who founded the company in 1946, is manager of the Station Street plant.
Originally, the firm occupied a plant on D Street. About 1947 the operations were moved to South Fork, although a show room was maintained in Johnstown. The Ferndale plant was purchased in 1951 and the firm moved its equipment and office there.

National's products include a line of breakfact lounges for the private home as well as seating and upholstery supplies for the larger public businesses. The firm, through its dealers, has designed and installed the equipment in a number of clubs and restaurants in the area, including the new VFW Home on Vine Street, theSomerset Dairy Dell and the Johnstown Seafood Restaurant, Main Street.

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