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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Unknown Couple

Boston Art Co. - Franklin Street - Johnstown, Pa.

Old Coney

The old site of Coney Island - Downtown Johnstown

Machine Shop - 1908

This is the first Cambria Iron Company - Machine Shop baseball team about 1908. The team played independent ball after work - in those days they worked in the mill from 7am to 5pm - and played most of their games at the old Point.
Standing: Micky Flynn, Gohn, Billy Ickler, Buz Stewart, Boyer, Davis and Hutchinson
Front Row: Kirk, Holmes, Bill Leckey, Charlie (Dutch) Buser, Red Van and unknown.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Cupp Grocery

Cupp Grocery - Fairfield Avenue - Morrellville. Mr. Cupp, the founder, is third from the left. The others are unidentified. This picture was taken around 1905 or 1906. Mr. Cupp later built a chain of grocery stores in the area before they were taken over by the American Stores Co., with Mr. Cupp's son Paul, being an official of the local Acme headquarters. He rose in rank to become president of the whole Acme chain and later chairman of the board of directors. This building was destroyed by a fire around 1935. They rebuilt it on the same spot and the store was also known as Sky's Market in later years. The building is still there.

At the Circus

Both of these pictures were taken sometime in the late 1920's in Johnstown by photographer Luke Swank  - a Johnstown native. Many different circus companies came to town. Which means I have no idea where exactly these were taken in the city.
But I do know that they were taken here. And who knows - it could even have been in Morrellville (D Street) or even Cambria City (where Sheetz in now). The young boys from Morrellville used to catch rattlesnakes and sell them to the circus to earn some extra spending cash.

Trolley Time

Thursday, September 14, 2017


Trolley Time



I still have this radio - Zenith Super-8 from 1939 and it's in perfect working order. Years ago my father rewired it for me. One time I was listening to this radio when a friend of mine stopped over. I showed him the radio and he asked where is the FM button - I said this was built before FM - there isn't one - he just couldn't believe it.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Trolley Time

Franklin and Valley Pike

Old Reading Beer

Old Reading Beer - Riek Bros - Gilbert Street - Brownstown - Dial 9-7618

Shiny New

Penn Traffic - this is an old picture I scanned in - might have been made for a brochure.

Friday, September 8, 2017

High Above

You don't run across too many old shots like this of Grandview Cemetery from the air.

Carpenter Hotel

Carpenter Hotel - Market Street - Summerhill

Smoke City

This is how most people remember the mills in Johnstown - taken from Brownstown Hill looking down to McConaughy Street with all the houses and across the river to Iron Street and Bethlehem Steel. This was taken before Roosevelt Blvd was built in the 1920's. 
Stone Bridge on far right. Second bridge was also for trains and third is where you can walk or ride across to Iron Street.

Thursday, September 7, 2017

The Butcher Bros.

All I know about this picture is that it was taken in Barnesboro and the two guys look like brothers to me.


Berkebile-Gabriel - Granite and Marble - 61 Iron Street

Trolley Time

Chandler and Strayer at Clark's Dairy Store.

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Book of Manners

Romper Room Do Bees

Oakland Motors

The Oakland Motor Car Dealer in Johnstown. The car company was a division of General Motors after buying Oakland in 1909. The company continued to produce mid-priced vehicles until 1931 when it was absorbed into Pontiac. Thought I spotted someone standing in the window.....