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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Bringing Yankee Stadium to Johnstown - 1949

Baseball fans watching the 1949 World Series. Upper picture on Park Place and lower at the old Geis Store on Clinton Street. 
The Yankees went on to beat the old Brooklyn Dodgers in five games. History was made in the ninth inning of Game 5, when the Ebbets Field lights were turned on, making it the first World Series game finished under artificial lights. The first scheduled Series night game would not be held until 1971.

And as all us old-time Pirates fans know - that was the series with the Orioles. Game 4 was played at Three Rivers Stadium and it was the first-ever World Series game to be played at night. 

In my baseball obsessed youth - I watched the entire series. I was a Bucs fan from the get go - growing up - listening to Bob Prince on the radio. I can remember going to sleep with my transistor radio under my pillow. I still have all my Pirates autographs from Clemente to Stargell. After the games - you could go over by the dugout and whatever players were there - they'd sign everything from baseballs to pictures. 

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