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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Chestnut Street School

VJ Repeat - Most of you reading this probably have no idea that there were actually two Chestnut Street Schools. This is the first built only 5 years after the 1889 Flood along Chestnut Street in Cambria City. Reader Tony says "This building was not torn down in 1922. I attended this "old" Chestnut Street School in 1939. It held classes for first and second graders while the "newer red brick" (located behind it)school held classes for the third through sixth graders!"

1 comment:

David_S_ said...

Are there no photos to be found of the second Chestnut Street School? I mean other than the photo on this blog where the school is shown at a distance in an aerial photo of Cambria City. I've searched online before, but nada. I can't believe there isn't a photo out there somewhere :(