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Friday, August 11, 2017

A Day in the Life of.....

The old cobblestone streets - Franklin and Main on a very sunny afternoon in 1894 looking towards the old Kernville Bridge. The sign on the small building (now where Ameriserv Bank is) on the right reads: Stevenson Jewelry and Johnstown Freie Press (German newspaper) on the second floor. The stone building next to it used to be a bank. There were two churches along Franklin Street between Main and Vine at that time. The city showed remarkable recovery when you consider this photo was taken only five years after the 1889 Flood. 
The big wagon at the right center is a street cleaning - sprinkler wagon. The building on the far left was where Revco was (later Riteaid before it moved). Dr. Porch had his dentist office in the building on one of the top floors. 
Also, a nice look at a passing Johnstown Passenger Railway car making its way thru town. Not pulled by horses by traveling along its new electric lines with power produced at one of their own plants that was put in after the flood to replace horse-drawn trolleys.
One thing I noticed is the curbing along the outside of Central Park. I think that it's the same curbing that is there now - though I am not 100% sure about that. But still - it looks the same to me. 
And you can't forget about the dog...makes you wonder if it belonged to the photographer or was just roaming around the streets of Johnstown looking for trouble or a quick meal.

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