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Wednesday, January 24, 2018


Palmer Avenue - '77. From bricks to other junk - some of this stuff is still stuck deep down in my yard.


Anonymous said...

My grandmother didn''t love too far from that location. She lived on Blaine St. In Morrellville. Her home was spared, she lived on high enough ground from the raging waters of the St. Clair Run below. The St. Clair Run tore through sections of Morrellville like a wild bull through a china store.

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed your video on You Tube on the 1977 West End Flood. Who shot that clip? Where that was shot was about several blocks from where my grandmother lived on Blaine Street. The film speaks for itself in the a aftermath of the flood, all the damage it caused and the people walking around in a daze. They were probably wondering what on earth could have caused this. One person from the West End died in the flood. You should submit that footage to the Johnstown Flood Museum. I understand they'll now include exhibits and displays from the 1977 and 1936 floods.