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Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Mrs. America - Moxham Woman

Asbury Park, N.J., September 10 (UP)--Honey-haired Mrs. Betty Eileen McAllister of Johnstown, Pa., whose husband said, "She's hardly been out of the house since we got married" today won the 1950 Mrs. America contest and a grabbag of prizes that will include a nationwide tour.
The 25-year-old housewife said she had never before entered a beauty contest and added that her husband had "pushed me into this one....and makes me feel like the day I got married".

The curvesome mother of a 5-year-old girl and a 3-year-old boy defeated runnersup Mrs. Irma Hamilton on Florida and Mrs. June Byers of Ohio, along with 28 other finalists for the title of America's most delectable ball and chain.

Measurements which won for Mrs. McAllister were: 34  24 35. She is five feet, three inches tall and weighs 113 pounds. Her other major qualification as mentioned by her husband is "the inability to pick a quarrel."

Beyond her bathing suit charms, Mrs. McAllister impressed the judges by finishing first in a preliminary cooking contest and taking second place in a crocheting event.
To demonstrate her housewife skills, Mrs. America broiled some meat along with other finalists at Convention Hall, as some 8,000 looked on. The judges smacked their lips and gave her the cooking trophy.

Along with the title for Mrs. America 1950-51, the winner will get a number of prizes for herself and her home. She also will go on a tour of eastern cities and appear at several state fairs. She will succeed Mrs. Frances Cloyd of California.

Mrs. America - Mrs. Betty McAllister talks with Mayor Walter Rose at a reception at the Ft. Stanwix Hotel as her husband William, son Bill and daughter Marvel Lee look on.

CLICK HERE to view a British Pathe Newsreel of the event.

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