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Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Monte Carlo Hotel

Monte Carlo Hotel - 1953

Police Pension Fund

The Johnstown police pension fund was started in 1913 when members of the force organized a baseball team and played games for the benefit of the new fund. The Johnstown-Altoona police series aroused high public interest and in two years the baseball team has raised a total of $17,000 ($388,000 now) for the pension fund. Appearing in the above picture of the 1913 police team are: (Left to right) First Row - James Adams, outfielder; Clyde Adams, second base; John Thomas, outfielder.
Second Row - Otto Fink, second base; Herman Hoffman, pitcher; Percy Benson, outfielder; Harry Owens, outfielder and Carol Steuer, shortstop.
Back Row - John Buechley, manager; James (Buckeye) Reynolds, first base; George Patterson, third base' John Volk, first base and George Bush, catcher.

Memorial Hospital - 1920's

Memorial Hospital - 1920's 

Monday, September 17, 2018

New Machine Shop

James Kovalcik (left), 508 Edwards Hill Apartments and Harold Myers of Indiana are shown at work in the machine shop of the Wendel Manufacturing Company, Berkley Hills. The shop was installed in the aluminum awning firm's plant during the past year at a cost of about $100,000. It is part of the concern's expansion program. Dies and other equipment for the Wendel firm's branch fabricating shops will be machined here. The machine shop is tooled to build a complete fabricating unit every 60 days, enabling the awning firm to set up a new branch shop every two months, if conditions warrant. 

1906 Johnstown Collegians

This grim group of football players answered a challenge of a South Fork eleven and organized for one game with just a week's notice back in 1906. They defeated South Fork and won a side bet of $3,000 ($75 Grand). The picture was taken in front of the old armory of Company H, 5th Regiment, National Guard, across from the Point Stadium where Suppes Motor Company now is located.

Members of the Collegians (left to right) are: First Row - Mike Holzman, Sil O'Connell, George Raab, Ed Yeckley, Miller and Ray Replogle.
Back Row: Ross, Tom Nokes, Harrison unidentified, Ralph Waring, McGee, Hecker, Wormell, Frank Baumer and Harry Cramer.

Franke Drug Store

Drug Store of Dr. Louis Franke & Co. - Interior View

Friday, September 14, 2018

Chair Factory - Hornerstown

Enjoy this brief look at the history of the chair factory in Hornerstown, 600 to 700 chairs are made daily at this plant. Frank Medvesek of 547 Russell Avenue finishes sanding a chair before it is sent to the paint-spraying room - seen in the background. The chairs are made on a production line basis and move through the plant on an overhead conveyor. The gentleman on the right is George DeFrehn - superintendent of the factory.

Since their beginnings in 1898 - it is estimated that more than 3 million chairs have been made at their Hornerstown plant.

The chair factory no longer markets its own products directly as it did for many years. In the 1940's it began making chairs exclusively for the National Store Fixture Company out of Baltimore, Maryland which marketed them in all parts of the country.

Actually, the chair-making process at DeFehn's was a three-fold operation. They made the wooden framework, F.T. Shank did the upholstering in his Geistown shop along with a leased space in the chair factory and the finishing work was done by the National Store Fixture Company with its own force of employees at the Johnstown plant.

The chairs made at the factory are of a modern design for kitchen, restaurant, school and other uses. With the exception of certain parts, they are made up of 14-ply laminated wood. Under the process, veneers in large sheets are glued and pressed into forms of the required shape. After the sheets are dried quickly by high frequency electric heat, the laminated wood is ready to be cut just like solid wood. 
Chair manufacturing by the DeFehns dates back to 1858, when William DeFrehn opened a shop in Schuylkill County.

William had six sons - Robert, William, Charles,Frank, Augustus and George when he established their Johnstown factory in 1898 at its location at Horner and Poplar Streets.

Goenner Beer

"It's the good Johnstown water that makes Goenner's beers taste so good!"

Flood Mud

Flood Mud that just never seemed to go away. What you can't tell from this picture - is how bad this stuff actually smelled... 

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Codified Ordinance - 1873

Borough of Johnstown - Codified Ordinance - 1873: If any person shall indecently expose his person, or publicly bathe, wash, or swim, when naked in either of the rivers within the limits of the borough between sunrise and half past eight o'clock, P.M., every person so offending shall pay a fine of not less than five dollars.

McConoughy Street

McConaughy Street - Cambria City. Not sure of where exactly this is on the street. But judging from from the location of the hill behind the houses - I'd say this is probably the lower end. 

Old Penn Traffic

This is a look at the old Penn Traffic Store - before the 1905 Fire.

Monday, September 10, 2018

Humming Garment Industry

One operation of the busy garment industry in Johnstown is shown above. These girls, at the Johnstown plant of Bestform Foundations, are engaged in stitching corsets and brassieres manufactured by the firm. Occupied at the first four machines are these girls who can be easily identified in the picture: Florence Dobrowolsky, Evelyn Peles, Ruth Ramos and Lois Durica. Other Johnstown garment firms turn out dresses and pajamas. (This was the plant in town - not the later one on Broad Street.)

Safety Patrol

First Prize for the best float in Johnstown's Safety Parade - May 1950 - goes to these kids from St. Stephen's Church. Sorry, wish there were some names to go with the picture.


Officials and Members of the Kickenapawling Tribe, No. 60, I.O.R.M. - Johnstown, Pa.

Stone Bridge

Thursday, September 6, 2018

Ordinance 1861

Codified Ordinance - Johnstown Borough - 1861: Any person who shall keep or suffer to remain on his premises or upon any private property, any dead carcass, garbage, offal, putrid meat, nauseous liquor, or other offense or unwholesome matter, or shall cast the same on any vacant lot, or upon any square, lot, or piece of ground belonging to the borough, or on any street or alley, or on the shores or margins of either rivers within the borough, or so near the limits thereof as to annoy and be offensive, the same is hereby declared to be a common nuisance, and shall be removed accordingly, and the person offending shall forfeit and pay for each offense, besides the expenses of removing the same, the sum of not less than five dollars nor more than twenty dollars.

Crystal Hotel

Crystal Hotel - Washington Street - Downtown Johnstown

Trolley Time

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Stonycreek & Napoleon

Young American Drum Corps - Johnstown, Pa

Cambria Steel

Number 5 and 6 Blast Furnace - Cambria Steel

Glessner's Furniture - about 1971

An old newspaper clipping of the old Hub Building from the Main Street side. Glessner's was torn down to make way for the new Senior Center.