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Friday, October 5, 2018

Rolling Mill Mine

Rolling Mill Mine - Westmont Hillside .
Rolling Mill Mine workers - it was located across the hillside from Point Stadium. In 1902 - there was a massive cave in that killed mostly ethnic miners - some are still buried deep inside the hillside ( I knew someone who lost his father in the accident). Around 1900 -the mine was the largest in the world. It went from right below the incline the whole way back to where Pickin Chicken was - parts of it were also in what is now Stackhouse Park. cThey have worked on the incline trail and you and you can still stop by one of the mine openings.

1 comment:

Audrey Geer Masalehdan said...

My mother used to talk about playing on the trails on the Incline hillside. They must have been the trails cut by the train. I wonder if she knew it was a mine.