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Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Old YMCA Building

This is the YMCA as it looked around the turn of the century. The building was then on Main Street, located where Grants was on Main Street. The Y's history in Johnstown goes back 150 years.
Records indicate the first YMCA here was established in the 1860's, but closed down October 17, 1875. 
The old YMCA that used to be at the corner of Market and Vine Streets is a direct outgrowth of the reorganization of the YMCA in the spring of 1885. In June of that year, a room was rented in Alma Hall. Rooms were also rented in the old B & O buildings in January 1886. 
The four story building in the above picture was first used March 20, 1893. Among the various rooms, it contained an auditorium with seating for 490, a banquet hall on the third floor and storerooms on the first floor. Liggett's Drug Store occupied part of the building until the 1930's.

'40 Ford

The 1940 Ford - 1915 Ford - in front of Suppes Ford - Downtown Johnstown.

Riverside School

Riverside School

Monday, July 6, 2020

Moxham - 1894

Moxham as was - 1894. The mills in the foreground are those of the Johnson Company once a giant in the iron and steel business. U.S. Steel - Lorain Division later occupied the spot. The Johnson firm located in Johnstown in 1883, moving from Louisville, Ky. It was smaller than its rival - Cambria Iron down river. 
Johnson specialized in all materials used in the tracks of the then modern street railway systems - whether cable, electric, motor or horse and had clients all over the world. 
To the left are most of the houses that were in Moxham before the turn of the century. They are located mainly between Ohio and Bond Streets. The residential section to the left of Ohio Street was to be built in later years. 
In the picture, shot in 1894, the Park Avenue School can be seen on the extreme right (sort of where the crease is in the picture). 

RCA Victor - 1939

RCA Victor - Home Furniture Co. - Corner of Clinton & Locust - Johnstown - Dial 61-179.

Church Time

The Episcopalian Church in Barnesboro.

Saturday, July 4, 2020

High Above

Downtown Johnstown - Old Joe Johns is in the middle left.

Cupp Grocery - Morrellville

Cupp Grocery - Fairfield Avenue - Morrellville. Mr. Cupp, the founder, is third from the left. The others are unidentified. This picture was taken around 1905 or 1906. Mr. Cupp later built a chain of grocery stores in the area before they were taken over by the American Stores Co., with Mr. Cupp's son Paul, being an official of the local Acme headquarters. He rose in rank to become president of the whole Acme chain and later chairman of the board of directors. This building was destroyed by a fire around 1935. They rebuilt it on the same spot and the store was also known as Sky's Market in later years. The building is still there.

Trolley Time

Main Street - Downtown Johnstown

Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Laying the Track

Work crew from Johnstown Passenger Railway laying track in a section of Johnstown.


VJ Repeat - Hulbert House of 1889 Flood fame.

Over the Valley

Gautier on the right hand side - looking towards the Conemaugh Gap.

Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Baking bread

Harris-Boyer Bakery - Fairfield Avenue


Here's a rare view of Kernville before Sanitary Dairy was built on the left hand side of the picture.

Monday, June 29, 2020

Central Park

Old picture postcard - Central Park

At the Circus

Both of these pictures were taken sometime in the late 1920's in Johnstown by photographer Luke Swank  - a Johnstown native. Many different circus companies came to town. Which means I have no idea where exactly these were taken in the city.
But I do know that they were taken here. And who knows - it could even have been in Morrellville (D Street) or even Cambria City (where Sheetz in now). The young boys from Morrellville used to catch rattlesnakes and sell them to the circus to earn some extra spending cash.

Mercy Hospital

Mercy Hospital

Saturday, June 27, 2020

Central Park

Franklin Street looking down towards the old Kernville Bridge. Street cleaner is on the left hand side - spraying water - note the calling cards left on the road from all the horses. Central Park is on the right hand.

Cambria Iron

The old Cambria Iron Company was chartered in 1852 to operate four old-fashioned charcoal burners in and about Johnstown, which was then a village of 1,300.
The original plant was built in 1853. 
The above building is the old Cambria General Office Building - one of the few buildings to survive the 1889 Flood.



Friday, June 26, 2020

Trolley Time

Main Street

JHS Basketball

The Johnstown High basketball team shown above was the one that kicked off a long string of great sports teams during the 1920's. 
Left to right - front row: L. Davis, Perry Katzenstein, John Johnson, Joseph O'Connor, Walt "Eggie" Shaffer, N. Kline.
Second Row: Albert Siehl, Vincent Kinney, Benny Kline, Robert Burkhard, Peter Dailey, Paul Beeler (coach).

Moxham 1890's

Moxham - 1890's

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Just passing by

The old cobblestone streets - Franklin and Main on a very sunny afternoon in 1894 looking towards the old Kernville Bridge. The sign on the small building (now where Ameriserv Bank is) on the right reads: Stevenson Jewelry and Johnstown Freie Press (German newspaper) on the second floor. The stone building next to it used to be a bank. There were two churches along Franklin Street between Main and Vine at that time. The city showed remarkable recovery when you consider this photo was taken only five years after the 1889 Flood. 
The big wagon at the right center is a street cleaning - sprinkler wagon. The building on the far left was where Revco was (later Riteaid before it moved). Dr. Porch had his dentist office in the building on one of the top floors. 
Also, a nice look at a passing Johnstown Passenger Railway car making its way thru town. Not pulled by horses by traveling along its new electric lines with power produced at one of their own plants that was put in after the flood to replace horse-drawn trolleys.
One thing I noticed is the curbing along the outside of Central Park. I think that it's the same curbing that is there now - though I am not 100% sure about that. But still - it looks the same to me. 
And you can't forget about the dog...makes you wonder if it belonged to the photographer or was just roaming around the streets of Johnstown looking for trouble or a quick meal.

Machine Shop Team - 1925

Machine Shop team of the Cambria League of Bethlehem Steel.
First Row - left to right: Charles Wisor, Frank Patch, James Boyle, Vince McConaughy and Lewis Beltz.
Second Row: Richard Clark, unknown, Charles Buser, Edward Boyle, Walley Seight, Chick Mullen and Steve Fezkas.

Walnut Street

Walnut Street - Downtown Johnstown

Monday, June 22, 2020

Central Park

VJ Repeat - Central Park - 1970's

Say it with Flowers

Schrader's Delivery Truck

Main Drag

Clinton Street with the of Main looking toward Washington Street.
The building on the left was the old Wertz Drug Store - one of the few buildings to survive the flood - only to have a date with the wrecking in the 1970's.
On the right - the home of Henderson's furniture store and funeral parlor. Later the Title Trust bank was built there and the Fisher Building next to it on Main Street. Along the side of Clinton - the building next to Henderson's was occupied by the Geis store. Where a small building (just beyond the awning) was located, the Gately-Fitzgerald furniture store was built.
And further down the street - St. John's Church was under construction about the time this photo was taken. 

Friday, June 19, 2020

High Above

Downtown Johnstown looking towards Joe Johns. Franklin Street Bridge is on the left hand side.

'89 Flood

A nice rare look at Brownstown Hill - 1889 Flood.