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Sunday, February 23, 2020

1889 Flood Survivors Project - Mrs. Walter A. McCall

Mrs. Walter A. McCall, age 78
364 Glessner Road
"364 Glessner Road
Johnstown, Pa.
Jan. 31, 1964
219 Franklin St.
Johnstown, Pa.
Dear Sir:
I don't know if I could be called a survivor of the Johnstown Flood or not, but I can remember many things that I saw at that time. One was my aunt making pies for Clara Barton when she was expecting the head officials of the Red Cross to come here to help her.
My father was a member of the National Guards at the time of the Flood and I have two pictures that was taken of the guards at that time.
Mrs. Walter A. McCall
Phone: 288-1790 or 288-2335
Some of the Survivors of this Flood were:
Miss Mollie Evans, 514 Pine Street, City, Phone 535-4291
Mr. John I. Bowman, R.D. #4, City, Phone 288-2316
Mrs. Hiram Stoner, R.D. #4 Somerset Pike, City, Phone 288-1432
Mrs. Annie Murphy c/o Paul Murphy, 208 Nadona Ave., City, Phone 266-1690
Mrs. Ida Basley, 210 E. Cedar Ave., Connellsville, Pa. age 88
Miss. Elizabeth Ankney, 119 E. Fairview Ave., Connellsville, Pa., age 79
Mrs. Jennie Crissey, 181 Worth St., City, Phone 536-7118"
NOTE: All of these ladies are listed in the event program for the 75th Anniversary Banquet. I hope they had a great time. ❤️
Ida Basley is listed as Ida Ankeny Basley, Mrs. John I. Bowman as John T. Bowman, and Elizabeth Ankney as Elizabeth Ankeny.

Courtesy of Debra Orner.

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