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Monday, August 31, 2015

Leon's Fur

Leon's Fur - 114 Market Street - Johnstown

Buzz Wagner Funeral

Not the best of shots - but a rare one - the funeral of the first Ace of WWII - Buzz Wagner up Grandview Cemetery.

Sophie Rutledge

Reader Barry Orner sent in this picture of Sophie (Fabish) Rutledge, his wife Karen's Maternal Grandfather's second wife. She worked for the railroad for awhile. She also worked in town cleaning steam boilers.

August 31, 1944: Yanks Streaking for Belgium; Russians At Bucharest; British Racing to Amiens

The Johnstown Tribune - August 31, 1944
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Seaman Nick Fratrich
Birth Records:
Staff Sgt. & Mrs. James Kroskie - son
Mr. & Mrs. Henry Smith - son
Mr. & Mrs. William Thomas - son
 Pvt. & Mrs. Paul - son Gene Edward
Lt. & Mrs. E.J. Gillespie - son
Mr. & Mrs. Floyd Stombaugh - son
Pvt. & Mrs. James Rose - son - James Blair
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Park Jr. - daughter
Mr. & Mrs. Harold Keith - son
Mr. & Mrs. George Sivi - son
Mr. & Mrs. James Metzgar - daughter
Pfc. & Mrs. Harry Horne - son
Pfc. & Mrs. Shelby Steele - son
Mr. & Mrs. Lloyd Williams - son
Mr. & Mrs. John Quigley - daughter
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Downey - daughter
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Hill - daughter
Staff Sgt. & Mrs. Michael Bernott - son

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Proposed Liberty Building

Liberty Building Proposed for the City of Johnstown. I ran across this really interesting article by accident HERE. This is taken from 'The American City - Vol, 20 - March 1919'. I was actually looking for something else.

How building this thing - spanning the river could have been a good idea is beyond me.

Baumer and Bedford

One of the many old playgrounds.

August 30, 1944: American Steel and Infantry Thrust Within 38 Miles of Belgian Border

The Johnstown Tribune - August 30, 1944
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Local Names:
Pfc. Walter Piper
Wilson Piper
Lt. George Wright
William Weiser
Pvt. Blain George
Gilbert George
James Chamiok
Frank Chamiok
Cpl. Edward Swiencinski
Pfc. Alexander Swiencinski
Tech. Sgt. John Wilson
Pfc. David Joganic
Staff Sgt. John Sullivan
Pfc. Roy Beal
Pfc. Herbert Loutsenhizer
Russel Grumbling
West End Youths Each Lose Foot:
Robert Buettner
Leo Kot
Robert Fiscus
Richard Fiscus
James Ambrose
Tony Fabrizia
Mrs. Pauline Kordell
Miss Sarah Bishop
Charles Stewart
Mrs. George Feik
Frank Ulery
John Bankhoffer
Patricia Bjorkland
Mrs. Ralph Gilormena
Mrs. Luke Dunlap
Elmer Heffley
Mrs. Agnes Pieszkala
Willis Hershberger
John Quinn