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Saturday, April 25, 2015

Trolley Time

Just turning from Broad Street to Roosevelt Blvd.

Barnesboro Church

Episcopalian Church in Barnesboro.

April 25, 1944: Well Over 1,000 Bombers Blast German Air Fields

The Johnstown Tribune - April 25, 1944
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Wedding Applications:
Golby - Dill
Snavely - Kline
Walls - Jones
Wilkins - Caltabach
Pijanowski - Kline
Kovalik - Morochko
McAllister - Schultz

Ebensburg Inn

Ebensburg Inn

Friday, April 24, 2015

Old Library

Now the Flood Museum

April 24, 1944: U.S. Landing at Hollandia Isolates 60,000 Japanese

The Johnstown Tribune - April 24, 1944
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Mrs. Frank Lohr
William Sipe
Nicholas Seymour
Betty Shaffer
Marcellus Smith
Mary Kathleen Pilot
William Ward
Isaac Hagins
Lawrence Synder
Mrs. Tillie Herlinger
Mrs. Mary Herrington
Harry Short
Wayne Carson
Robert Allen
William Ream
Dr. Emerson Bushnell
Mrs. Ada Clark
Local Names:
John Malee
Ringler - Hillegass
Mrs. Mary Hamilton
James Miller Jr.
McEldowney - Muller

H.E. Wagner

H.E. Wagner