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Friday, October 19, 2018

Glossers - 1920's

Glossers - 1920's.

Johnstown - 1978

Johnstown - 1978

Photo Engraving Done Here - 1953

Photo engraving - the process of reproducing pictures for printing - is another side in Johnstown's busy industrial field. The Conemaugh Engraving Company here operates one of the largest and most modern plants in the state. The above picture shows one of the first steps in the photo engraving process. The photo to be reproduced as a metal cut is recopied by this big camera to give it a screen (raised dots) for printing purposes. Adjusting the lens of the photo processing camera is Joseph Oravec, an employe of Ceco. This camera can make the reproduction three times as large as the original photo or reduce it to one-sixth of its size.

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Inco Beverage

Another look at Inco Beverage.

Main and Walnut

You are looking at Walnut Street and most of the old Capital Hotel where the three cars are parked in a row - with Main Street on the right hand side.

Turnverein - First Turner's Hall

Turner's was started by some German immigrants who wanted a club of their own - that basically combined drinking and gymnastics and also in the early days....bowling.

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

October 17, 1927 - The Johnstown Democrat

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Schwartz Bros, George Varner, Warren Walsh, Elizabeth Toth, Andrew Rish, Mrs. Elizabeth Delozier, Elijah McClintock, Martin Geng, Charles Reilly, Harry Boyer, Mishler - Reesey, Beckett - Jacka.
 Glosser Bros, Maple Avenue Viaduct, Mercy Hospital Jelly Donation, Dr. E.A. Tappert, John Schellhammer, Penn Traffic, Miss Madeline Hughes, Wilkinson - Eichler, St. Anthony Church Card Party, Officer Charles Riley, J. Graff, William McGonegal, James Harrington, John Babik, Moses Davis.
 Nathan's - The Bog Store, Mrs. Sarah Statler, Parisian Beauty Shoppe.
 The Geis Store
 Mr. & Mrs. F.W. Larison - daughter Elizabeth Lilly, Mrs. S.F. Baker

John Skelek, Joseph Haky, John Glasson, J.R. Swanson, Anthony Stephenson, Eric Lepinsky, Visitation Church - McKinley Avenue Dedicated, Austrian Hall - Hudson Street, Touraine Cafe.

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Leitenberger Offenhauser Special - 1953

This sleek racing creation, the locally-owned Leitenberger Offenhauser Special, is a candidate for the annual 500-mile race at Indianapolis Memorial Day. It will be the third straight year that a car has been entered by the Leitenberger Machine Company of Hornerstown. George Fonder, who piloted the local car last year, sits behind the wheel of the rebuilt machine. He again has been named as driver. Standing behind the speed wagon are (left to right) Harry Kinsey of Johnstown and Charles Alfater of Cleveland, mechanics in charge if the car, and George and Francis Leitenberger, car owners, who had a big hand in the rebuilding job.

Trolley Time

Trolley Time

Trolley Time

Trolley Time - this time it's the Morrellville Streetcar on the lower end of Chandler Avenue.

Monday, October 15, 2018