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Thursday, April 17, 2014

New Owners of Morrellville Store

Frank Pentrack Jr, John Heider and William Atty are now operating Steve's Fod Market, 159 Fairfield Avenue. The business has been purchased from Stephen Stovalsky, who for many years was with the Cupp food market chain here and later entered the field for himself.

April 17, 1947: Diary of a Johnstown Housewife

From the diary of Mrs. Elizabeth Oldham of Moxham
Thursday, April 17, 1947
I ironed and Ida made me a night gown.
Clifford come and took me up to the store and I left my shoes. 

Elizabeth with sister Ida - courtesy of Win Macintosh.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Trolley Time

Trolley Time


The Johnstown Tribune - April 16, 1943
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The Church Ladies

The church ladies of St. Paul's Lutheran Church on Virginia Avenue - taken around 1920 or so. My great-grandmother Rose (Baum) Lenz is in the middle row - second from the left. The Lenz family was one of the founding members of the church in 1905. Wish I knew who the other ladies were - I'd guess most were from Morrellville. Don't know who the lone man is - guess he just wanted to be a church lady too!

April 16, 1947: Diary of a Johnstown Housewife

From the diary of a Johnstown Housewife
Wednesday, April 16
I washed and hung the clothes in the cellar. 
Clifford was was in to see Dr. Kahl this afternoon.
Clifford and Billy at the cottage - courtesy of Win Macintosh - great-granddaughter of Elizabeth.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Mammoth Radio Value

Glessner's - Why You Get More For Less - 1939
$69.95 = $ 1158.30 in 2013


The Johnstown Tribune - April 15, 1943
Soldier Names:
Evelyn Burnski
Francis Pisarski
Cpl. Mike Zugrovich Jr
Elda Kuchenbrod
Carl Gloor
Pvt. Clarence Miller
Richard Walters 
Don Shumaker
Ed Semich
Cpl. Joe Vitale
Pvt. Francis Hill
Robert Nelson
Sim Stiffler
Pvt. Alfred Queer
Pfc. Earl Gustafson
Pvt. Thomas Rowe
Pfc. Francis Alberter
Sec. Lt. Walt Olson
Winfield Powell
Cpl. Ernest Braillier
Pvt. John Griffith
Sam Baker
Cpl. Noah Shendon
Sgt. William Escherich
Pvt. Robert Goff
James Gates
Edwin Frye
Pvt. Robert Heichel
Pvt. Patsy DiBinaldo
Pvt. Robert Felix
Tech. Sgt. Dan Yakulich
Mike Yakulich
Ralph Burkhardt
James Harshberger
Sgt. Russ Gindlesperger
James Gindlesperger
Sgt. Don Lavely
Pfc. Don McCurdy
Cadet Don Letizia
Cadet William Nenstiel
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Washington Hotel

Washington Hotel - Most up to date bar in the city - City Telephone - 1334

April 15, 1947: Diary of a Johnstown Housewife

From the diary Mrs. Elizabeth Oldham of Moxham
Tuesday, April 15
Harry & Margaret & Eddie come over this fore noon.
And Harry & Eddie took some of the big tree down. Then we ate dinner and went out to the camp again to get lumber and I got some more flowers and a tree. 
Eddie planted it in the front yard. They stopped for supper.
Harry brought me in home first then went back and piled the lumber. Marg. stayed up at the lot. 
View at camp from the front porch - courtesy of Win Macintosh.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Readied For Active Duty In The Navy

Eighteen men of the Battalion 4-20, Divisions 447 and 418, Naval Reserve, will leave Johnstown early Sunday morning to begin a tour of active duty. They will go to the Philadelphia Naval Yards. In a preview demonstration last night at the Naval Reserve Training Center, Coopersdale, the men seemed happy regardless of the fact that they soon would be in training again.
Pictured - left to right from the bottom of the steps
First Row: Robert Zeiler, Eugene Verbano, Dalles Stiles, Michael Mindala.
Second Row: Homer Lloyd, Silvio Landino, Henry McClintock, Francis Vanderberg, Henry Wertz.
Third Row: Frank Petak, John Haskins Jr., Joseph Stibich, Randell Smith, William Rennie.
Fourth Row: Paul Miller, Edmund Worley, Andrew Piskura and Harry Horner.


The Johnstown Tribune - April 14, 1943
George McLaughlin
Richard Buck
John Sottile
Ben Hughill
Pauline Leba
Julia Erdler
Mike Kohan
John Jurasek
Steve Jurasek
Frank Jurasek
Note: The Dr. Victor Heiser mentioned on the front page was from Johnstown. His parents had a store on Washington Street when the '89 Flood hit. He was heading to the barn and saw the wave of water heading straight towards the city. Being a teenager at the time - he later studied medicine - becoming a very famous doctor who wrote a couple of books. One of which deals with the flood.
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