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Monday, November 23, 2015

Schry's Clothing Store

DeRoys - 1953


Clinton & Locust

The White Front Market at the corner of Clinton and Locust. 

November 23, 1944: Mud Slows Allied Drive Into Germany; Cold, Pelting Rain Grounds Air Forces

The Johnstown Tribune - November 23, 1944
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Issac Dick
Harry Stiles
Carlton Horner
Mrs. Edna Umbower
Andrew Souders
Michael Denester
Stanley Zablotney
Mrs. Estella Harshberger
Mrs. Mary Popovich
Peter Tedeschi
Mrs. Nora Rees
Mrs. Elizabeth Scully
Nancy Mae Abrahamson

Sunday, November 22, 2015


Knights of Old

Early days of the Knights of Pythias in Lilly are recalled by these three men whose memberships in Lilly Lodge total 166 years. Seated is Charles F. Studt, 86 of 1101 Franklin Street who is the only living charter member of the Lilly K.of P. He joined when the lodge formed in 1888. At left is 75 year old Thomas Carruthers who has belonged to the same lodge 51 years. W.L. Piper, 72, (center) has been a member for 50 years. Carruthers and Piper still reside in Lilly. All three men have held every office from outer guard to chancellor in the Lilly Lodge. 

7th Avenue Hotel - Cambria City

November 22, 1944: French Capture Mulhouse While Yanks Punch Within 23 Miles of Strasbourg

The Johnstown Tribune - November 22, 1944
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Adolph Tamm
Frank Sliko
Constantine Sliko
Joseph Sliko
Seaman Michael Drozdik
John Drozdik
R.G. Dignan
Robert Ramsey
Denzil Williams