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Sunday, July 31, 2016

July 31, 1945: U.S. Destroyers Bombard Shimizu Aluminum Plant

The Johnstown Tribune - July 31, 1945
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Cpl. Emil Estock
Pfc. Charles Marshall
Bihary - Michaels
Wedding Bells:
Heiser - Donnelly
Tutsock - Carmen
Schepis - Cassisi
Kunkle - Calderwood
Sullivan - Pardee
Redd - Brown
Fox - McCombie
Fallon - Sharrick
Toncler - Andreysiwska
Hill - Lenz
Penner - Lehman

Trolly Time

 Trolley Time - heading to Ferndale.

Pillar of Ice - The Big Snow of 1958

 Andrew Kentula, 5 son of Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Kentula of Maple Ridge, is dwarfed by giant icycle...

Saturday, July 30, 2016

House Fire - 1951

Unknown location.

July 30, 1945: Fleet's Guns and Planes Hit Heart of Jap Empire

The Johnstown Tribune - July 30, 1945
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Homer Miller
Sgt. Robert Garrity
Billy Teeter - 8th Birthday

Friday, July 29, 2016

Virginia Avenue - Morrellville - 1914

My great-grandmother Rose (Baum) Lenz and her two deaf daughters - Margaret Gloor and Lena Pittman. This was taken along the side of their home on Virginia Avenue - next to St. Paul's Church in Morrellville in 1914.

Trolley Time

Strayer Street - the women are getting on in front of what once was Baker's Hardware - Chandler Avenue (which you can't see) is just past the blue building on the right that used to be an old general store. 

Ice Can Be Nice - The Big Snow - 1958

Motorists don't mind seeing this mountain of ice on their trying travels through this treacherous territory. It's off the highway, near Route 711 just south of New Florence....holding a icycle from the gigantic ice cake is 16 year Carole Galbraith. 

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

July 27, 1945: Japan Ignores Potsdam Ultimatum to Surrender

The Johnstown Tribune - July 27, 1945
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Pvt. Charles Hamilton
Pfc. Gus Poulakos

D Street Crash

A reader sent in this shot and all they know about it is - that it was taken on the upper end of D Street and that the crashed buggy belonged to an undertaker. Judging from the clothes and wagon - I'd say this was around 1900 or so. You have to wonder - if there was a body inside at the time of the crash and if so - did it roll out - down the hill. 

Johnstown Johnnies - Score Book

Johnstown Johnnies - Score Book
 WARD Radio - Columbia Broadcasting System and Johnstown Traction Co,
Goodyear Tire - Hendler Hotel - Helsel and Murphy Co. and Quaker Sales.

 Uneeda Plumber - C.A. Young Co. - Thomas Kinzey Lumber - Miller's Clothing - Hornick Hardware - Sharley's Hilltop Service and Kolb Baking Corp.
 Woolf and Reynolds Clothing - M. Glosser & Son - Ogle and Walter's Inc.
 Brennan Linen Supply - The Family Store - Samuels Sales Co. - Kingston Beverage Co. - and Cover Photography
U.S. Bank - Morrellville Cleaners - Linderman's Elite and The Park Grill

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Roxbury - 1950's

July 23, 1945: Fleet Sinks Jap Convoy Inside Mouth of Tokyo Bay

The Johnstown Tribune - July 23. 1945
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Mr. & Mrs. Peter Naugle
Mrs. Luken Hite
Joseph Reiter
Pfc. Leona Hall
Brownstown Bridge - 1935
Roxbury Bandshell - 1935
Pfc. Charles Quinn
Pfc. Hubert Adams

Friday, July 22, 2016

Trolley Time

Dramatic Rescue - The Big Snow of 1958

Donald (Smokie) Clawson of 413 Second Street - Conemaugh rescues Hazel Yantz of Imler - Bedford County on an icy patch of Route 22 - Cresson Mountain during The Bog Snow of 1958.

Mill Train

Thursday, July 21, 2016

July 21, 1945: Truman. Churchill Seek To Speed Up Conference

The Johnstown Tribune - July 21, 1945
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