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Friday, October 31, 2014

Vern Campigotto - Johnstown Jet Legend

Honoring a Johnstown Jet hockey legend - Vern Campigotto. Some of his former players, kids he coached along with current Johnstown High hockey players stopped by to pay him a visit at Laurelwood Care Center.
Vern Campigotto - former Johnstown Jet, Johnstown Wings along with being in the cult classic - 'Slap Shot'.

Former players honoring Coach Campigotto
Justin Fenimore reading from a letter sent by Vern Campigotto, Jr. on some of his fathers exploits during the making of 'Slap Shot'.
Members of the - JHS 1990-91 - Championship Team

Vern along with one of his sons.
Laurelwood Care Center put out a great spread - from hot sausage and all the fixings along with some tasty desserts for Vern and all his guests. 

Foster's - '36

Foster's Department Store in the aftermath of the '36 Flood. It was located where the Senior Center is now.

October 31, 1947: Diary of a Johnstown Housewife

From the diary of Mrs. Elizabeth Oldham of Moxham
Friday - October 31, 1947
To day is Ida's birthday. I baked her a fine apple upside down cake.
Then Leona and Joe come down and Nancy and I got ice cream and we had coffee, ice cream and cake.
Ida got 19 cards and 18 dollars in money. She seams all pleased. She is not very good.
I got 2 cards from Betty Jane.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Main Traffic

Newspaper clipping from the Tribune-Democrat from 1967. Shows Main Street in downtown Johnstown when it used to have traffic.

Railroad Depot

Train Station - Downtown Johnstown.


The Johnstown Tribune - October 30, 1943
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October 30, 1047: Diary of a Johnstown Housewife

From the diary of Mrs. Elizabeth Oldham of Moxham
Thursday - October 30, 1947
Clifford was here this fore noon. I cleaned the bedroom and Living room and Ida swept the kitchen.
And she picked a lot of black walnuts out. I cracked on yesterday.
Irene was here this evening and told us about Emma Miller breaking her right arm on last wednesday.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Trolley Time

Coopersdale Loop

Oldham Wedding

From the look what I found file in my records that I didn't know I had - J. Hite Oldham and Miss Sara J. Turner - married at Crumb, Somerset County - August 1907 - this is the Hite and Sara - Mrs. Oldham is always talking about.

October 29, 1943: REDS RUSH TO SPRING TRAP

The Johnstown Tribune - October 29, 1943
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October 29, 1947: Diary of a Johnstown Housewife

From the diary of Mrs. Elizabeth Oldham of Moxham
Wednesday - October 29, 1947
I ironed this morning and Ida ironed some too.
Then we cracked a lot of nuts.
And then picked some of them out.
I don't feel good this evening.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Main Thorofare

Main Street - Fosters Department Store is on the left and on the right is what would become Wertz Drug Store - Main Street - Downtown Johnstown


Inco Beverage - Railroad Street - Telephone 8-1243


The Johnstown Tribune - October 28, 1943
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October 28, 1947: Diary of a Johnstown Housewife

From the diary of Mrs. Elizabeth Oldham of Moxham
Tuesday - October 28, 1947
George & I went with Betty J. in to the bus station.
She left for Florida. I hope she gets home safe.
Then I come home and wrote a letter to Thompsons and dampened the clothes to get ready to iron tomorrow.
Ida is not feeling very good to day.
Our Tommy left to day or some thing happened to him.

Monday, October 27, 2014

City Park

Central Park - Downtown Johnstown


Man's Eye Blown Out - John Schrader - South Fork - August 1907 - clipping from the Johnstown Leader


The Johnstown Tribune - October 27, 1943
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Local Names:
Henry Furman
William Sipes
Joseph Smigla
Anthony Verna
Francis Lynch
Mr. & Mrs. James K. Low
James Goebert
Robert Coons
Pfc. Earl Griffith
Sgt. John Juhascik
Fred Baumgardner
Charles Bisenkevitz
Pvt. Betty Everhart
Pvt. Anthony Vincent
William Everhart Jr
John Hufman
Richard Hufman
M.J. Stinson
C. Stinson
Alton Murray
Cpl. Jay Finnell
Robert Neilson
Cpl. Stan Marhefka
Nick Favatella
Robert Seitz
Pvt. William Zalar
Pvt. Robert Boyd
Pvt. Joseph Drenchko
First Lt. Andrew Tarapchak
Cpl. Fred Matchik
Pfc. Russell Hay
Pvt. Elmer Horner
Francis Golob
Second Lt. Thomas Walker
Pfc. Andrew Bagos
Sgt. Emil Homola
Pvt. Richard McMonagal
Staff Sgt. John Harnett
Pvt. William Mock
Cadet Melvin Crum Jr.

October 27, 1947: Diary of a Johnstown Housewife

From the diary of Mrs. Elizabeth Oldham of Moxham
Monday - October 27, 1947
I had to go with Betty J down to the school.
Then we come back home and washed. And then she ironed her clothes.
And I was in to see Dr. Kahl. and got 3 kinds of medicine and some capsules for to make blood.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

On Clinton

Clinton Street looking down towards the mill.

Salvation Army

Salvation Army - 1936 Flood - Downtown Johnstown


The Johnstown Tribune - October 26, 1943
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Local Names:
Edwin Ursel
Wilbert Ursel
Robert Ursel
Robert Haughton
Fred Thomas Jr.
Paul Lint
Pfc. George Custer
Pvt. Robert Andrews
Eugene Spangler
Pfc. Troy Lloyd
Francis Tarbay
Pvt. Karl Schmalz
Pfc. William Mayko
Pfc. Michael Dollar
Pvt. Charles Parker
Pfc. Robert Kopitnik
Edgar Vescovi
Cpl. Elwood Layton
Pfc. Ken Pebley
Pvt. Nicholas Hamaty
Cadet Joseph Brady
Pvt. Heinz Pistoll
Donald Drenner
Pvt. Robert Andrews