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Saturday, May 31, 2014

1889 Flood Survivors - 75th Anniversary Banquet

The 75th Anniversary Banquet at the War Memorial - 50 years ago today - 1964.


The Johnstown Tribune - May 31, 1943
Marriage Applications:
Regis Boxler - M. Virginia Bodenschatz
Elmer Lysinger - Gladys McClain
William Murphy - Marian Gaus
Benard Plummer - Gladys Ringler
Nicholas Forsisky - Amelia Klucik
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May 31, 1947: Diary of a Johnstown Housewife

From the diary of Mrs. Elizabeth Oldham of Moxham
Saturday, May 31, 1947
I baked bread and then Ida & I cleaned up the house. I washed up the porches.
Joe & John & George took the old tree out of the yard. They had a time taking it out.

Friday, May 30, 2014

1889 Flood Survivors at Grandview

1889 Flood Survivors at Grandview. 

Live Shots from Stone Bridge

CLICK HERE to see a live video stream from the Stone Bridge. This is so cool!

America's Most Popular Set

Emerson Radio - DeRoys - Market Street - 1939

May 30, 1947: Diary of a Johnstown Housewife

From the diary of Mrs. Elizabeth Oldham of Moxham
Friday, May 30, 1947
I baked bread to day. But did not do any thing else much. I am not feeling very good.
Chester & his family and Else Wagner and her girl was here a while this evening. They was out at the cemetery to fix up the graves.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Grandview - Unknown Plot

Grandview Cemetery - Plot of the Unknown - 1889 Flood


The Johnstown Tribune - May 29, 1943
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You will thanks your lucky stars!

May 29, 1947: Diary of a Johnstown Housewife

From the diary of Mrs. Elizabeth Oldham of Moxham
Thursday, May 29, 1947
Bessie and Pat took Ida and I out to the (Grandview?) cemetery and we fixed up the graves.
It rained on the way out.
But the sun come out and it got nice. We got along good. Ida and I fixed up Dads & Mothers graves and did what we could towards fixing the rest of the graves. Bessie and Pat fix up their graves. I fell and bumped my head on a log in under the grape harber.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

1889 Flood Survivors - Mr. Swartzentruber

Mr. U. Ed Swartzentruber talks about the Stock Holders.

Dornick Point

Looking down at Dornick Point - Cramer Pike


The Johnstown Tribune - May 28, 1943
Birth Notes:
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Kondash - daughter
Mr. and Mrs. Herman Kekich - son
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Remembering the 1889 Flood - List of Events

This upcoming weekend - there will be so much for folks in our area to do to get out and remember the day that almost wiped Johnstown off the map. CLICK HERE to go the JAHA 125th Anniversary Events Page link that also includes events at the Johnstown Flood National Memorial. I will be out and about covering some of these events for the website - there are just so many and it's hard being in two places at once. The following is Courtesy of JAHA from their 125th Anniversary Page:
Also this weekend - Polka Fest in Cambria City.
CLICK HERE for a link to the page for a list of bands and times.

May 28, 1947: Diary of a Johnstown Housewife

From the diary of Mrs. Elizabeth Oldham of Moxham
Wednesday, May 28, 1947
I ironed the curtains and put them up.
Clifford and Harry & Margaret and I was up to grandview Cemetery and fixed up Dads (her husband) & Blairs (her son) graves.
Harry & Margaret and Eddie was here for supper.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

1889 Flood Survivors - Mr. Harry Hesselbein

Mr. Hesselbein talks about finding the body of his aunt on Clinton Street.

Luna Park - Roxbury - 1915

Luna Park - now Roxbury Park.
Folk Dancers around 1915 or so. I have written quite a bit about the old park in the past - but today I just felt like simply enjoying this VJ Repeat photo. 

Radio's No. 1 Riot


The Johnstown Tribune - May 27, 1943
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Trolley Time

Franklin Street

May 27, 1947: Diary of a Johnstown Housewife

From the diary of Mrs. Elizabeth Oldham of Moxham
Tuesday, May 27, 1947
I scrubbed the kitchen down all around and waxed the floors.
We had Rubark pie for supper.
Nancy come and ate supper with us. 

Monday, May 26, 2014

1889 Flood Survivors - Mr. Williams - Woodvale

Mr. Williams talks about what happened in Woodvale.

1889 Flood Survivors - Mr. George Walker Williams

Mr. Williams talks about the flood wave hitting Church Street.


The Johnstown Tribune - May 26, 1943
Hastings High School
Cambria City Comedy
Johnstown High School
Mr. and Mrs. August Engelhardt
Patton High School
Pfc. Merle Wagner
Audley Everhart
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Happy Memorial Day!

In honor of the holiday - my home away from home - Browns Cemetery. Thanks to friends and family - we got the old place ready for what used to be known as Decoration Day.
From the planters to the bunting - we have it all decked out!
There are two Civil War Veterans buried here.
John Smith - USCT - 3rd Reg.
John Brown - Co. H - 4 Pa. Cal. 
54th Mass - Glory Brigade
Put some bunting on the wooden fences. It was really windy when I was taking pictures. So it's hard to tell from this shot. 
Thank you to all our veterans - past and present for your service to our country. 

May 26, 1947: Diary of a Johnstown Housewife

From the diary of Mrs. Elizabeth Oldham of Moxham
Monday, May 26, 1947
I washed and then done some other work.
Boy am I disgusted with this old tree. Can't seam to get it away.
Clifford and I was up at the green house and got some flowers. They are expensive.