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Monday, October 31, 2016

October 31, 1945

The Johnstown Tribune - October 31, 1945
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Tech Sgt. Carl Krause - only Johnstowner on MacArthur's Staff


Woodvale - Spring of 1889 - before the flood. 

JHS Library - 1931

Johnstown High School - Library - 1931

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Fish Hatchery - Open House

October 30, 1945

The Johnstown Tribune - October 30, 1945
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E.R. Golob
Thomas Chapman
Seaman First Class James Forberger
Constance Thompkins
Andrew Martinec
W.J. Jacofsky
Cpl. Steve Kendera
Argo - Felix
College - Filippis
Lipple - Holmberg
Moore - Bixel
Beachy - Yoder
Bittner - Ross

Overlooking Woodvale

This is a Charles Cushman print for the WPA. Nice shot looking down and over Woodvale. 

Down by the River

Franklin Street Bridge

Saturday, October 29, 2016

6th Anniversary of Vintage Johnstown

Today is the 6th Anniversary of this site. The total so far is 7,313 posts and 1,269,865 page views with an average of a little less than 10,000 view a month. My most popular post so far has been CLICK HERE - honoring Clement Harris - the man behind the famous gob. Coming in right behind that - some of my posts on the '77 Flood. When it comes to traffic sources - mobile Facebook is number one and Google is the popular search engine. The number one search term is 'vintage johnstown' and I have 57 followers.  6th means candy or iron - so I guess I'll to celebrate with eating some candy on Iron Street - that way all my bases are covered. 

October 29, 1945

The Johnstown Tribune - October 29, 1945
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Sgt. John Lambert
Mr. & Mrs. Frank Henry

Thursday, October 27, 2016

October 27, 1945

The Johnstown Tribune - October 27, 1945
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St. Paul Lutheran - Virginia Avenue
Dr. Henry Pohl
Pfc. John Poraczyk

Drive thru Service

Inco Beverage

W.J. Rose

W.J. Rose & Sons - Lumber - Millwork - Builders' Supplies

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

October 26, 1945

The Johnstown Tribune - October 26, 1945
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Arrow Furniture Store

Arrow Furniture Store and Cambria Savings and Loan - Downtown Johnstown

Green & Caddy

Green & Caddy - River Side Photo Art Gallery

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

October 25, 1945

The Johnstown Tribune - October 25, 1945
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John Danovitch Jr.
Andrew Verba

Trolley Time

Roxbury Avenue towards Southmont Blvd. 


Kline's - Exclusive But Not Expensive

Monday, October 24, 2016

October 24, 1945

The Johnstown Tribune - October 24, 1945
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Line of Stores - Main Street

J.C. Penney along with some other stores that used to line Main Street
For a little bit better look.

Earl Kidd

Earl Kidd - Opposite High School

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Trolley Graveyard Tour

October 23, 1945

The Johnstown Tribune - October 23, 1945
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Pfc. Paul Hodos
Mr. & Mrs. L.L. Lear Sr.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Group Photo

Group photo from the trolley tour. We had a great turnout today considering the weather. Edward Metka thanks for allowing our group to tour the place and for the wonderful history lessons. We had a blast! For those of you that missed it - we'll let you know when the next one is.

October 22, 1945


JHS 1985 - Part 6

Friday, October 21, 2016

Trolley Graveyard Tour

For those of you meeting up with us tomorrow for the Trolley Graveyard Tour. Fingers crossed for sunshine. Again, we will be meeting at 8:45am at Giant Eagle on Scalp (just follow our sign we will have). It's $30/person and you will be paying us there. Cash or check (Vintage Electric Street Car Company). You will have to sign an accident waiver and that's it. We will then all be heading over to the site to meet up with Edward Metka - the owner. Once he is done with his talk - you may explore where you like till 3pm. After that - we have been talking about maybe going someplace in Windber for a bit to eat. Now there is no restroom available - but Sheetz is very close by. Also, bring a lunch if you want since we will be there from 10 to 3.

Cookie Jar

Another slice of some of the places that used to line the streets of Johnstown.