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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Abandoned Johnstown

Believe it or not - there is what was once a pretty nice brick house behind the forest of trees and bushes. This is located in the alley behind Fairfield Avenue in Morrellville.
It's like this the whole way round the house. I tried to get better pictures - but it's like a jungle.
I don't ever remember anyone living here....
What I am trying to show you is the back door - thru all this mess. Once the leaves are gone - I'll go back so that you can see what the house actually looks like.

Duncan Hines - Cresson

Duncan Hines likes Hoffman's Food - Cresson

Bonus Army - Ideal Park - 1932

The B.L.F. digs in at Johnstown, Pennsylvania. More than 3,000 members of the Bonus Army who were chased out of Washington, D.C., by the federal troops are now settling down for a temporary stay at Ideal Park, Johnstown, Pa., where they were invited to stay by Mayor Eddie McCloskey, despite the opposition of many citizens of the city. Photo shows the vets in camp at Johnstown. There was major trouble over this with many officials and citizens of the area - more than I can write in a simple caption.
For more information explaining about what the Bonus Army was and what caused it's formation: CLICK HERE.

Mills - 1889 Flood

Mill Damage - 1889 Flood 

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Trolley Time

Trolley Time - Ferndale 


Good old Johnstown High

Franklin Street -1917

Franklin Street - One of the most dangerous spots in the City of Johnstown (who knew!). This is taken from the  Comprehensive Plan of Johnstown, Pa. - 1917. I've used stuff from this book in the past and if you haven't had a chance to read - please do - they had some very interesting ideas.

Harris Boyer Bread

Harris Boyer Bread

Johnstown Brownstones

Moxham Brownstones - on the back is written  - at the corner of Central Avenue and Bridge Street. But having said this - this picture bothers me because it looks more like Cambria City to me.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Train Station

Pepsi Cola - All Aboard for the Light Refreshment - Train Station 

1893 Bond Certificate

1893 Bond Certificate - Johnson Steel Company

'36 Flood

Downtown Johnstown 

7th Ward Fire Company

You are looking at a picture of members of the 7th Ward Fire Company. Judging from how they are dressed - I'd say it was some sort of special occassion. But the most interesting thing I find on this shot is the lady wearing the bonnet in the upper right hand side who wanted nothing to do with the taking of this picture.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Trolley Time

Looks like Ferndale to me.  


All I know about this picture is that it was taken in Johnstown. This looks to me to be those brownstones off of Central Avenue where Bridge Street connects in Moxham. 

Cambria City Kids

The only thing I know from sure about this picture is that it was taken in Cambria City and judging from the clothing - mostly likely from around 1900....

YWCA - Johnstown

'Souvenir's of Johnstown' - the old J.P. Thomas home that is now the Y.W.C.A.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Windber - Somerset County

Very nice old look at that unique underpass in Windber, Somerset County. Along with a great shot of the Eureka Store Billboard.

Trolley Time

Harshberger Log Cabin - Brown's Farm

You are looking at a painting done of old Elmer Brown's log cabin by Helen Price. She was a founding member of Allied Artists. And anyone that went to Bheam School, she was a friend of old Miss Paul (who looked like Lady Elaine) - my first art teacher who was also a member of that group.
This picture is hanging on the wall down at JAHA. Price painted a whole series of old log cabins thru out the area. This picture gives a great snapshot view at the lay of the land in and around the site.

The cabin was built in the early 1800's by William Harshberger - a free black man who brought his family over the mountain from Lancaster County and settled up Laurel Hill. If you look on the left hand side of the cabin (behind the tree) - that addition was called "The Ballroom". In the early days (before 1840) this was a stage coach stop on the way thru to Ohio. The family says that George Washington danced in that ballroom and I believe them. I think both sides of their family knew Washington (for a lot of different reasons).
Unfortuately the cabin burnt to the ground in the 1970's - a case of arson.
If you know anyone that has any pictures from up at Brown's - please let me know:
For even more information on Brown's click HERE.

Rosa (Baum) Lenz

My Great-Grandmother - Rosa (Baum) Lenz - she came to Johnstown around 1890 from Dusseldorf, Germany. By all accounts she was kind and caring and loved children, if you stopped at her house for a visit - you didn't leave hungry!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Unknown Johnstown

All I know about this picture is that it is an early look at downtown Johnstown. No idea exactly where downtown or the store. 

Slovak Catholic Sokol - Cambria City

Update on picture - Slovak Catholic Sokols - Group 9 Johnstown - St. Stephen's Church - Moytka Studio


Downtown Johnstown

View of Downtown Johnstown - 1915

Wood and Morrell - Downtown Johnstown

The old Wood and Morrell Store - downtown Johnstown. Wood and Morrell was the Company Store for Cambria Iron. It would later turn into Penn Traffic.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Views of Roxbury

This plate shows Old Somerset Pike and Franklin Street.

Franklin Street - Downtown Johnstown

Vintage Repeat - Franklin Street - Downtown Johnstown - around 1894 or so. 

Antietam National Battlefield

My nephew RJ and his first visit to Antieham National Battlefield. Just a beautiful day to take in the sights and sounds of the weekend following the 150-th anniversary of the battle.

Unknown Lumber Yard

Unknown Lumber Yard - but it does say Somerset Lumber on one of the work aprons - so I would say that probably means this is from Somerset County.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Durant - Conemaugh Valley Sales

Durant Motor Sales - Just a Real Good Car - Conemaugh Valley Sales Co.

Pre-1889 Flood Ads

A couple of old ad's featuring: First National Bank, The Hygienic Hotel, Johnstown Savings Bank and W.C. Lewis Insurance Agency.

View of Moxham

A look at Village Street and Park Avenue in Moxham

St. Francis Church - May Day

My cousin (first on the right) - May Day Procession at St. Francis Church in Morrellville I don't know the exact year.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Moved to Christ the Saviour - Garfield Street

The free community concert with Rosie and the Jammers - scheduled for Sunday - the 23rd at the West End Skatepark has been moved to Christ the Saviour Hall along Garfield Street due to the weather. The music and fun kicks off at 5pm. 

Butcher Shop Boys

Another of the old butcher shops around Johnstown. Not sure which one this was but I think it was in Cambria City. I have to say, that is a heck of a lot of meat just laying....

Stone Bridge

'Souvenir of Johnstown' - Stone Bridge