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Thursday, December 31, 2015

Johnstown First Night Celebration - 2015

We start off the night with a group of carolers from the Johnstown Symphony Orchestra standing in front of the First Presbyterian Church.
Next we head over to the First Lutheran Church and the wonderful magic of Bob Beatty. 
The Master's Puppets then put on a show for the kids.
They had crafts and face painting for the kids.
My nephew thinking about what he wanted to make.
Face painting in this corner.
The music of Paul Stephenson.
Upstairs it was Crew of the Half Moon - I have to say that they were my favorite group of the entire night!
Rose and Yush - some of the folks that help keep this event going year after year.
Off to Ameriserv to check out all the old Glosser and Penn Traffic Window Displays.
RJ with Marie - one of the hardest working people I know. Who along with others, are trying to make our community a better place to live.
The old Penn Traffic Display.
Penn Traffic Display
Now it's over to Franklin Street United Methodist Church.
Striped Maple Hollow
Grabbing a quick snack of hot chocolate and cookies at the office of Rep. Bryan Barbin.
Time to finish off our look at Johnstown's 2015 First Night Celebration with a carriage ride. One thing I feel I must mention, simply because it really put a damper on our fun for a time. We were given the bums rush out of a locally owned eatery at 6pm - even though they were supposed to stay open till 8pm. If the food we ordered would have come on time - it wouldn't have been so much of a problem. It came late and when it did - some of it was cold. The young kid behind the counter also needs a lesson on customer etiquette! It will be a very long time before I step foot back in the place.

Berman Store - Fairfield Avenue

Joe Berman - 151 Fairfield Avenue - Next Door to Harris-Boyer

Main & Franklin

Old Haynes Street Bridge

Cool shot of the Haynes Street Bridge - to help you get your bearings - X marks the spot of the old Somerset Street School.

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Atlas Motors


Today was a happy occasion for youngsters in this community. Jolly old Santa Claus arrived in Johnstown on his annual pre-Christmas visit to officially open the holiday shopping season. He was greeted in Central Park by hundreds of kiddies and by Mayor Walter E. Rose, who presented him the key to the city. The mayor, on behalf of the youngsters voiced a wish that Santa would be here "for a long time." Santa said he would. Then the gay old fellow turned on Christmas lights provided by the Retail Division of the Johnstown Chamber of Commerce. Giving Santa an assist at the light switch at the bas of Central Park's flag tower is three-year-old Karen Debona, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James Debona of Vintondale.  

Walnut Street

Walnut Street - Downtown Johnstown

December 30, 1944: Width of nazi Bulge Is Sliced to 13 Miles; Spearheads Flung Back 12 Miles

The Johnstown Tribune - December 30, 1944
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Sunday, December 27, 2015

Franklin Street Bridge

U.S. Bank and Johnstown Furniture Company.

Franklin Mill

Picture from a collection by Darlene Matula Mack. He father took a set of pictures at the old Franklin Mill.

Cay Artley Dresses

December 27, 1944: Americans Shift to the Offensive

The Johnstown Tribune - December 27, 1944
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