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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Trolley Time

Car Barn in Moxham

Old Turner's

VJ Repeat for some of the new readers. The first Turner's Hall in Johnstown - later wiped out by the flood.

June 30, 1944: British Forces Virtually Encircle Caen While the Yanks Attack in Area of St. Lo

The Johnstown Tribune - June 30, 1944
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Local Names:
Cambria Works
Johnstown Public Schools - Panama Pacific International Exhibition
Charles Head
Frank Gallagher
K. of P. Lodge Officers

Triumph in the Good Old American Way

The Johnstown Tribune - May 8, 1945 - Galliker Ad

Monday, June 29, 2015

An Eternal Warning

The Johnstown Tribune - May 8, 1945: Let this day be an eternal warning to all men who would defy human rights and outrage human decency - Glosser Bros Ad.

Trolley Time

Main Street

June 29, 1944: Germans Throw Bulk of Two Armies In Battle to Halt the British at Caen

The Johnstown Tribune - June 29, 1944
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Local Names:
Russell Marsh
Robert Marsh
Merle Kirsch


Argus Camera - Rothert's

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Trolley Time

Broad Street

Hoffman & Abler

June 28, 1944: British Tank Columns Engage Germans In Armored Battle Southwest of Caen

The Johnstown Tribune - June 28, 1944
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Local Names:
Thomas Evans
Joseph PrucnalDwight Probert
Ray Orner
Dorothy Ober
Mr. C. Calderwood
Stambach - Duckworth Wedding
St. Patrick Building Fund
Harry Turner
Morrellville Sluggers
Martin Baker of Rosedale
Miss Jennie Godell
Paving Solomon Run Road
Village Street Playground
Miss Kathryn White
Miss Eleanor Dixon
Thomas McGrath
Warren Rogers

Stationary Store

Unknown Stationary Store in Johnstown. See they are selling fountian pens. I still love using fountain pens. 
There is also something about those old incandescent lights that I still miss to this day. Bheam School had big ceiling lights like this. 

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Along Washington Street

Washington Street with the Point Stadium off on the right hand side of the photograph.

Some World War One Vets

Johnstown WWI Veterans:
Front Row - left to right: Durell (Hap) Custer, Sgt. Thomas Van Atta, George Hertzinger.
Back Row - left to right - Alex Ginsberg, Russel Truax, Allen Geist.

Trolley Time

End of Oakhurst Line

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Trolley Time

Heading out to Woodvale.

June 24, 1944: Yanks Doom Cherbourg as German Base While the British Lash Out East of Caen

The Johnstown Tribune - June 24, 1944
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Marriage Apps:
Duttry - Moudy
Bush - Maines
Roth - Cunningham
Helsel - Mentch
Helsel - Phillips
Local Names:
Miss Margaret Benchoff
Gene Kelly Dance Studio
Claire Anderson
Kay Guier
Frances Boogher
Carey Twins
Richard Dick
Kitty Lou McGough
Lt. Comm. John Mason
Mrs. Alma Bartell
Lt. Robert McGeever

Cupp Grocery

Cupp Grocery

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Monday, June 22, 2015

Edgehill Drive

Edgehill Drive

Scalp Fire Company - 1907

Scalp Level Fire Company - 1907

June 22, 1944: U.S. Fifth Fleet Carrier Planes Sink Or Damage 14 Ships of Japanese Navy; Nips Break Off Engagement and Escape

The Johnstown Tribune - June 22, 1944
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Lois and Marion Dudenhofer
Ensign Donald Ream

Johnstown Collegians Football Champs - 1928

The Johnstown Collegians Football Champions - 1928
Front Row - left to right: Buzz Greer, Frank Zipf, Clark Shaffer, Art Miller, Cad Reese, Ed Felix, Tubby Porter, Ron Hazel, Joe Harnett.
Back Row - Mr. Scott, Dr. Rishell, Fred Zipf, Joe O'Conner, Edgar Warfel, Bill Tremain, Red Dolan, Chas. Reed, Raney Lewis, Gene Baker, Snaps Emanuel, Joe Gaffney, Red Shomo and Peter Culliton. 
Note: The Gene Baker in the picture is the father of movie actress Carroll Baker who was born in Johnstown.