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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Down by the Riverside

 This proud little cutie is Eleanor Kisha Donovan standing in the field by the Ten Acre Bridge - with Minersville in the background.

'36 Flood

 '36 Flood

Luzerne Street

Luzerne Street without all the trees.

Roosevelt Club Baseball Team

Reader Larry Alberter sent in this picture of the Roosevelt Club - a sandlot baseball team. His father is in the back row - fourth from right and the only other person he knows is Leo "Red" Rerko who is the sixth person from the right. 

Monday, July 29, 2013

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Idlewild Park - 1950's

As our fun in the sun look continues - today's tasty treat - Idlewild Park in the early 1950's.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Ideal Park - 1950's

More fun in the sun - this time it's Ideal Park in the early 1950's...enjoy.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Sanitary Ice Cream

Eat Sanitary Ice Cream Every Day

The Home of Smith's - X-Ray Fit

Have your shoes fitted by X-Ray - free of charge at our new home - Smith's - 521 Main Street

Little Cutie

This little cutie is reader Eleanor Kisha Donovan - standing in Cambria City - with Minersville in the background. 

Trolley Time

 Trolley Time

Monday, July 22, 2013

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Stock Time

Larry Alberter sent in these two old stock certificates that once belonged to his grandfather. McGuire Band and Lining Company - which I could find nothing on.
Along with the Germania Brewing Company that was located where the Heritage Center is now.

Minersville in the Distance

Eleanor (Kisha) Donovan sent in this shot of her grandmother Mary Yurasek standing where the Ten Acre Bridge is - with Minersville off in the distance.

L. Stargardter

L. Stargardter - Boots, Shoes and Slippers - Main Street - Johnstown

Trolley Time

 Trolley Time

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Remembering the Victims - 1977 Flood

I've decided to repost what I wrote about the flood last year for a couple of different reasons - but the main one is because - I have run across people actually making fun of the flood - on my site (their comments never make it thru now) along with another site - where some people are down right nasty. I can't take it - but I guess some people are just born being an ass!
Here you go: I've been thinking for a long time what I was going to say on this anniversary of the 1977 Johnstown Flood and I think the best thing I can think of - is to simply take a moment to remember the names of the victims - who sometimes get overlooked because those of us that survived are too busy telling our own tales. But for you younger readers - I want you to understand why you should pay attention when you hear stories about the flood - it's special because done of us ever thought it would happen again - let alone to us.
The monument in Central Park.
In all 80 men, women and children died and 8 victims are still missing to this day.
Old Conemaugh Borough
Julie A. Luther - Age 8
Mary Ann Luther - Age 36
Kimberly Keck - Age 23
Michael Vincent Keck - Age 3
Vincent Keck - Age 28
Michelle Keck - Age 2 - Still Missing
Walnut Grove
Helen Schofield - Age 61
James E. Schofield - Age 28
Donald Cover Jr. - Age 23
West End
Nancy Cooper - Age 30
Dale Borough
Marie C. Cobaugh - Age 70
Edith Faye Emmel - Age 41
Judy Emmel - Age 7
William H. Emmel - Age 43
Robert Leroy Hershberger - Age 89
Norman J. Pfeil - Age 63
Raymond Rhoads - Age 34 - Still Missing
James Edward Smith - Age 39
Todd James Smith - Age 7
Troy Jay Smith - Age 8
Shawn Michael Dixon - Age 11 - Still Missing
Florence Lydic - Still Missing
Robert Stephens - Age 40 (Stevens)
Allen Lee Blough - Age 29
Desire Blough - Age 2
Jennifer Blough - Age 28
Melvin Boring - Age 36
Elvie Bowser - Age 68
Jack F. Cale - Age 67
Eliza Ann Daroczy - Age 61
Cynthia Gibson - Age 8
Ernest Shawn Gibson - Age 12
Tammy Gibson - Age 30
Theresa Gibson - Age 46
Donald Merle Keiper - Age 54
Debra Ann Mavrich - Age 15
Carol Ann Pavlosky - Age 34
Helen Pilot - Age 59
Stanley Pilot Sr. - Age 63 - Still Missing
George Piskurich - Age 64
Olga Piskurich - Age 60
Katherine Rishell - Age 55
Kathy Rishell - Age 5
Thomas Rishell - Age 34
Theodore G. Rummel - Age 64
Barbara Selders - Age 40
Robert Selders - Age 42
Donna Sowerbrower - Age 16
Mark Sowerbrower Jr. - Age 4 months - Still Missing
Charles A. Stoner Jr. - Age 59
Louella Elizabeth Stoner - Age 57
Sharen Stoner - Age 24
Sheldon W. Stoner - Age 23
Dorothy Teeter - Age 50
Allen Thomas - Age 40
Pamela Thomas - Age 10
Patricia Thomas - Age 36
Sandra Thomas - Age 12
Edith Fern Weaver - Age 55
Kenneth Weaver - Age 73
Shirley Bailey - Age 41 - Still Missing
Melissa Mitchell - Age 10 - Still Missing
Andrew Koharchik Jr. - Age 46
Marguerite Koharchik - Age 46
Marlin B. Mervine - Age 63
Julia Kameliski - Age 70
Chad Allen Gdula - Age 6
Kathleen Gdula - Age 23
James E. Smith - Age 61
Mineral Point
Harry M. Teeter - Age 74
Lula Teeter - Age 70
Robert Casciotti - Age 24
George Ribich - Age 50
Milka Ribich - Age 74
John J. Rokosz - Age 24
Howard Wilson - Age 24
George Zidzik - Age 50
Scalp Level
Helen Zidzik - Age 62
Susan Zidzik - Age 33
Greg Allen Dixon - Age 9
Myrtle Leslie - Age 77
Pauline Long - Age 53
Thelma Ressler - Age 52
Larry Edward Ressler - Age 36
The dams that surround Johnstown, stretching throughout the Conemaugh Valley, were unsuspecting accomplices in the Great Flood of 1977. They were duped by the instigator - the rain.
When they failed, six dams poured more than 128 million gallons of water into the Conemaugh Valley. In comparison approximately 4.8 billion gallons were unleashed on Johnstown when the South Fork Dam burst in 1889.

A phenomenal amount of rainfall - 11.82 inches in 10 hours - was too much for both the dams and the sewers in the Conemaugh Valley. The Corps of Engineers originally called the ’77 flood a 500 year flood, but it’s been downgraded slightly since then. The dams failed because of overtopping. The dams that burst were:

Laurel Run Dam on Laurel Run. The aged old earthen dam held 101 million gallons of water. It had a 42 foot high spillway. The dam was owned by the Johnstown Water Authority. When it failed the water enveloped Tanneryville and caused deaths and heavy property losses. The Laurel Run Dam was built by Cambria or Bethlehem Steel, then sold to the Water Authority when it was created.

Sandy Run Dam on Sandy Run. The dam held 18 million gallons of water. It was owned by the Highland Water and Sewer Authority. The 63 year old dam had a spillway of 28 feet

Salix Water Dam on Otto Run. It held 2 million gallons of water. Its spillway height was under 25 feet. It is owned by the Adams Township Water Authority.

Cambria Slope Mine 33 on Sanders Run. It held 7 million gallons of water. The dam leased by Bethlehem Mines Corp. had a spillway of 32 feet

Unnamed Dam on Peggy’s Run, Franklin Borough. This dam was leased by Bethlehem Mines Corp. and held an undetermined amount of water at the time of the flood because it was used as a catch basin.

An unnamed impoundment dam east of Johnstown at St. Michael held less than 1,000 gallons. It was a reserve dam for Bethlehem Mines Corp.

The dams were simply overwhelmed. After overtopping, water eroded the earthen embankments. There was total failure of five dams. The sixth, Cambria Slope Mine 33, retained about two-thirds of its contents.

The dams had not shown any defects in past inspections and no trouble was reported in them by the Pennsylvania Dept. Of Environmental Resources (DER). 
Without the work of the Army Corp. of Engineers and the Flood Control Project. A lot of you reading this post right now - would be dead.....
On The Doorstep - Thomas Hardy
The rain imprinted the step's wet shine
With target-circles that quivered and crossed
As I was leaving this porch of mine;
When from within there swelled and paused
A song's sweet note;
And back I turned, and thought,
"Here I'll abide."

The step shines wet beneath the rain,
Which prints its circles as heretofore;
I watch them from the porch again,
But no song-notes within the door
Now call to me
To shun the dripping lea
And forth I stride.

Thursday, July 18, 2013



Towne Manor Motel

 Towne Manor Motel

Cambria Link Barb Wire

 Cambria Link Barb Wire - Cambria Iron Company

The Old Brickyard - Tanneryville

Barry Orner sent in these shots of the old Haws Refractories "Brick Yard" that used to be along Cooper Avenue. His grandfather - George (pictured above) - worked there for many years before he retired in the early sixties.
This is a shot of the work gang and his grandfather as a young man.Click on the picture to enlarge.
I know its easy in this day and age to say we have it hard at times...but when you really stop and think about it - very few of us have to endure the hard, physical labor - men like these dealt with daily - in order to put bread on the table. 

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Trolley Time

Strayer Street - the women are getting on in front of what once was Baker's Hardware - Chandler Avenue (which you can't see) is just past the blue building on the right that used to be an old general store. 

** Life Comes to a Halt - The Big Snow of 1958

 Life Comes to a Halt - The Big Snow of 1958.

D Street Crash

A reader sent in this shot and all they know about it is - that it was taken on the upper end of D Street and that the crashed buggy belonged to an undertaker. Judging from the clothes and wagon - I'd say this was around 1900 or so. You have to wonder - if there was a body inside at the time of the crash and if so - did it roll out - down the hill. 

McConaughy Baby

This little cutie is Eleanor Kisha Donovan who sent in this gem of a shot from Cambria City. Her family home was in this area of McConaughy Street - this whole section is what they tore down to build the Bestform.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Pillar of Ice - The Big Snow of 1958

 Andrew Kentula, 5 son of Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Kentula of Maple Ridge, is dwarfed by giant icycle...

Cambria Link Barb Wire

 Cambria Link Barb Wire - Gautier - Johnstown, Pa.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

St. Therese Festival - 1940's

In honor of "The World's Fair of Morrellville" or as some folks call it - St. Therese Festival. I thought I'd post this rare shot of the festival from the 1940's.

Ice Can Be Nice - The Big Snow - 1958

Motorists don't mind seeing this mountain of ice on their trying travels through this treacherous territory. It's off the highway, near Route 711 just south of New Florence....holding a icycle from the gigantic ice cake is 16 year Carole Galbraith. 

Friday, July 12, 2013

A Rainy Day In Town

Some rare shots of Downtown Johnstown on a rainy afternoon...

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Johnstown Johnnies - Score Book

Johnstown Johnnies - Score Book
 WARD Radio - Columbia Broadcasting System and Johnstown Traction Co,
Goodyear Tire - Hendler Hotel - Helsel and Murphy Co. and Quaker Sales.

 Uneeda Plumber - C.A. Young Co. - Thomas Kinzey Lumber - Miller's Clothing - Hornick Hardware - Sharley's Hilltop Service and Kolb Baking Corp.
 Woolf and Reynolds Clothing - M. Glosser & Son - Ogle and Walter's Inc.
 Brennan Linen Supply - The Family Store - Samuels Sales Co. - Kingston Beverage Co. - and Cover Photography
U.S. Bank - Morrellville Cleaners - Linderman's Elite and The Park Grill

Killed in France - Johnstown Boys

World War II - Johnstown Boys Killed in France. Pvt. Elmer E. Simmons and Cpl. Carl J. Pieger - Morrellville.

Dramatic Rescue - The Big Snow of 1958

Donald (Smokie) Clawson of 413 Second Street - Conemaugh rescues Hazel Yantz of Imler - Bedford County on an icy patch of Route 22 - Cresson Mountain during The Bog Snow of 1958.

The Three Amigos

Eleanor Donovan sent in this picture of Alexander Stackhouse and his soon wife to be - Mitzi Petroff on the right. Her dad owned a bar at the corner of 4th Avenue and Broad Street in Cambria City. The young lady in the front is Ann - who Eleanor thinks could possibly be the "Ann" from Ann's Place - the bar on Bedford Street.