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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

1977 Flood - Dale Area

1977 Flood - Dale Area

Brief History of Oakhurst Schools - 1934

Reader Marge (Torchia) Stewart sent in this brief but very interesting history of the Oakhurst Schools - circa - 1934. Some of the names mentioned on this page:  Daniel Ribbett and David Forrest.
Names mentioned on this page:  George Wise, Mr. Reynolds, Mr. Good, Mr. Zimmerman, Mr. Harold and Miss Ella Edwards (Mrs. Charles When).
School Board - Conrad Apple, J.R. Layton, Ben Smith and William Kime. Layton and Coleman were the builders.
Teachers - Elma Hedges and Ernestine Grittith - other names - Robert Livingstone and RM Palmer.

And finally the names mentioned on this page: H. Uphouse, J.R. Orner, J.P. Yarger, August Eck, D.O. Bitner and F. Overdorf.
Other names: Miss Mary Miller and Sarah Fretsch.

The O'Toole Boys - Ebensburg

Reader Chris Reublin sent this picture of some of his ancestors - this is William Austin O'Toole and his son Austin William O'Toole, visiting William's sister Mary O'Donnell at 326 Ebensburg Road circa 1914.

Swank Hardware Building

Swank Hardware Building - Downtown Johnstown

Fort Stanwix Hotel

Fort Stanwix Hotel - Downtown Johnstown

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

1977 Flood

1977 Flood - 27" Shell Plant

Stony Creek Trolley Bridge

Stony Creek Trolley Bridge

Boy Killed by Train - 1897

Reader Chris Reublin sent in this newspaper clipping from when 15 year old James O'Toole was killed while trying to hop a freight train on 14 June 1897 in Johnstown.

Joseph Johns (Schantz)

Reader Samuel Fuge sent in this picture of one Johnstown's best known figures - Joseph Johns (Schantz). He was Sam's 6th great grandfather and he is a direct blood relative of Joseph and have come around to discovering some different items of his and a few pictures. I look forward to seeing more on one of Johnstown's Most Famous.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Downtown Johnstown

Downtown Johnstown

H'mmm Good - Ideal Bakery

H,mmm Good - Ideal Bakery - 311 4th Avenue - Cambria City - Phone 2-7464

First German Day in Johnstown 1904 - Part 1

Reader Mike Mertle sent in this complete edition of the German Day Program. My grandfather only had bits and pieces of this - so this is a treat for me to see the whole thing - which I will be posting in installments - since it's over 100 pages long. Mike-  I somehow lost your email address - otherwise I would have sent you a thank you before this.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Children of the 1889 Flood

This photograph is from around 1893 or so - and these are the children of the Flood - the 1889 Flood. These kids somehow survived - which is why this picture is very special to me. I think it shows on their faces. It was sent in by reader Jude Waples and shows our mutual cousin - John Berg who is in the top row - middle. He lost his mother - they lived on Chestnut Street - he survived along with his grandparents - Conrad and Margaret (Hopp) Lenz. He was rescued by a farmer on a bridge in Bolivar - pulled from the river. Conrad and Margaret were found clinging amongst the tree branches near the same spot. They never found the body of his mother Mary (Lenz) Berg.
John was raised by my grandfathers family. Later on he along with his wife Katy (Gloor) dedicated their lives to serving others in need. For many years - John was a Johnstown City Council member who once knocked the mayor out cold during a meeting - he was just standing up for the rights of others - I have to confess - that's my favorite story about him.

Johnstown City Hall

Johnstown City Hall

Goenner & Co.

New Life - Pilsener Beer - Goenner & Co.

Flood Mud - Dale

1977 Flood Mud - Dale

C. W. Gloor Market - Nanty Glo

This picture was sent in by my newly found cousin - Jude Waple and show the Carl William Market in Nanty Glo.
And for those of you looking for what's in the window. Here is a closeup.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Buzz Wagner Grave - Grandview Cemetery

Buzz Wagner Grave - Grandview Cemetery - First Ace of World War II. You can search for on Buzz on this site by either clicking under "labels" and "Buzz Wagner" - typing Wagner in the search box on the right side of your screen.

1977 Flood - Route 56 Area

Route 56 Area - 1977 Flood

Friday, February 24, 2012

1977 Flood Victims - Central Park

1977 Flood Victims Monument - Central Park - 1970's

Cochran Colorguard - 1937

Cochran Colorguard - 1937

Ethnic Food Extravaganza - Cambria City

The Friends of the Steeples Project (Formally Save Our Steeples/S.O.S) is sponsoring an evening full of music and a great mix of ethnic food....all for a $10.00 ticket prices. Now that the churches have been purchased....they need to get Immaculate Conception Church up to code, so that they can begin scheduling events there.
All the proceeds from this fundraising event will do toward the upgrade and necessary changes. They will also have a selection of some great baskets and prizes to purchase tickets during the event. Food will be served from 6 pm to 7:30, the Classic Rockers will start playing at 8pm. Please come support the event. Tickets are available at the door.

Dairy Dell - Morrellville

A reader sent in this shot of the old Dairy Dell in Morrellville. It was located on Fairfield Avenue.

Broad Street - Cambria City

Reader Alanna Marie Scott sent in this photo of her mother Eileen Markowski in 1949 going for a little stroll along Broad Street - You can just barely see Hornick's in the background.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

1977 Flood

1977 Flood - unknown section of unknown river

Glider Time - Pynkala Family

Can't let today go by - without wishing my cousin Mary Ann (Pynkala) Brilhart - A Very Happy Birthday - she is the little girl with the Shirley Temple locks. Along with her - is her mother Clara (Hanzel) Pynkala and her brothers - Butch and Tom. This picture was taken at the Hanzel Homestead on Stackhouse Street and that glider saw millions of back and forth miles. Mary Ann is one of the nicest people you could ever hope to know - if not one of the busiest - she never sits still. Wish I had all her energy!

White Birch Lodge - Johnstown

White Birch Lodge - Johnstown, Pa

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Third Avenue - Cambria City

Reader Alanna Marie Scott sen in this great shot of her grandmother Pauline (Krall) Markowski taking her mother Eileen for a walk on the McConaughy side of Third Avenue. Immaculate Conception Church is in the background.

Milligan & Son

James J. Milligan & Son - Slate and Slate Products - Napoleon Street

Downtown Area - 1977 Flood

More on the 1977 Flood - this clip shows parts of the downtown area.

Browns Farm & Geo. Washington

You are looking at Elmer and Annie (Bowser) Brown at their farm in Lower Yoder - from the 1930's. On this February 22 - the actual birthday of George Washington. Thought I'd write a bit today on George's connection to the old farm.
Family lore suggests that George spent some time up the mountain - "dancing in the ballroom" along with Washington's connection to Edinbourgh Smith. For those of you that might not know about Browns Farm - an area I have been researching for decades...I can wax on for hours....but I will spare you that. Browns is located along what was once an old stagecoach road - and the family has stories about how Washington used to visit on one of his many trips to the Westmoreland County area.
Also old Edinborough Smith who was brutally murdered in 1865 - up the mountain - the Smith's and Harshberger/Browns were cousins - had on the wall of his house his discharge papers signed by Washington - family lore says that Smith was a teamster and was at the Yorktown Surrender.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Torrance TB Hospital - about 1928

Torrance was first built for TB patients - and my great-grandfather was a patient there around 1928 - he's the last one on the right - first row - Joseph Hanzel (1886 - 1930). He later died of the disease in 1930 - he was told on a sales trip for MetLife to get his affairs in order and he died at his Stackhouse Avenue home in Morrellville. Surrounded by his wife and children - he was laid out at the house - even embalmed in their claw foot tub.

Tanneryville - 1977

Tanneryville - 1977

Schry & Hornick

Schry & Hornick - 544 Main Street - Downtown Johnstown