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Monday, February 28, 2011

Ship Hotel - 1940

My great-grandmother Rose (Baum) Lenz sitting in the chair - second from the right - with my cousins on the deck of the old Ship Hotel around 1940.

Trolley Time

This picture has a deep sadness to me - something once so beautiful and useful - now tossed to the scrap heap. This must be how some people feel when they outlive their usefulness. The trolley was last seen HERE.

Cambria Theatre

Vintage picture postcard sent in by reader Rick M.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Russell Heffley Ad

Old ad from photographer Russell Heffley.

1899 Sicilian Wedding Dress - Johnstown

This is a picture of my Aunt Mary Jane (Cacicia) Adams wearing the dress her grandmother Maria Sante (Runfolo) Vaccaro (1880 - 1932) wore when she married Fedele Vaccaro in 1899 in Castletermini, Sicily. Aunt Mimi, who now lives near Paris...Paris, Tennessee that one of my biggest fans and says that the dress was kelly green. She's standing in our yard on K Street in Morrellville.  

Vintage Johnstown Postcard

Who knew....All the Nice Girls are in Johnstown, PA. Nice old vintage postcard sent in by reader Harold K.

Trolley Time

City Loop

Sicilian Housewives - 1920 - Johnstown

Old beat up photograph of my grandmother on the far right - Carmela (Vaccaro) Cacicia (1902-1969) who was born in Castletermini, Sicily. Standing next to her (with her hand on her shoulder) is her sister-in-law Anna (Cacicia) Sunseri (1890 - 1989) born in Trabia, Sicily. I'm not sure who the other three are - but I think one of them might be a Mrs. Urso.
I believe this photo was taken in front of the Sunseri home in Prospect around 1920.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Penny for Your Thoughts

Old Glosser - Gee Bee Ad - Every Penny Counts

Fayette Street - Old Westmont

Nice vintage postcard of Fayette Street in old Westmont sent in by reader Rick M.

Portage - Cambria County

Picture postcard of an old Catholic Church in Portage, Cambria County.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Trolley Time

JTC 710 - City Loop

Mountain House - Cresson - Cambria County

This structure is truly a work of art and a feast for the eyes. This picture was sent in by reader Rick M. It is the Mountain House in Cresson, Cambria County. I see something different - everytime I look at this photo. I'll meet all of you for some light refreshments on the lower porch - when we're done - we'll take a stoll around the grounds.

My View of Johnstown

Nice vintage postcard sent in by reader Harold K with a very nice saying - I guess even back then we were known as "The Friendly City".

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Cambria Theatre and Conservatory of Music - Johnstown

Nice vintage postcard sent in by reader Harold K. I've never seen this one before, nor did I know that beside the Cambria Theatre there was a Conservatory of Music. It just goes to show, you learn something new everyday.

U.S. Bank Sign - Westwood

You know looking at this picture - it's funny how you forget about how some places used to look. Places that you saw day in and day out. Take this example in Westwood. I must have seen this hundreds of times - and completely forgot about how this used to look until now.

Hinkston Run Dam - 1979

Today's photo was sent in by reader Rick M. It's a place I fish at alot - Hinkston Run Dam. This view is from1979.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Ebensburg Inn - Cambria County

Nice old picture postcard of the old Ebensburg Inn - Cambria County.

Cupp's Self Service Store - Morrellville

Sky's later took over the store at 80 Fairfield Avenue - Morrellville. And in the last couple of years Blalock had the building. Right now, you can go in the building and buy work clothes and things like that.

Trolley Time

Trolley 710 - April 4, 1965.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

JHS Pep Club

Johnstown High School 1950-51 Boys Pep Club sent in by the President himself - Harold K.

Garfield Junior High - 1948

The 1948 Garfield Football Team sent in by reader Harold K. Even though this photo is in black and white - I can still see the colors of Garfield in my mind.

Cambria Theatre

Picture postcard sent in by reader Rick M of the old Cambria Theatre in downtown Johnstown.

Cambria Library

Picture postcard sent in by reader Rick M. This is one of the Carnegie Libraries that Andrew built. The building is now home of the Flood Museum.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Grant City Ad

Grants - "The More for your Moneysworth Store".

Portage - Cambria County

Old picture postcard featuring the Monument for the Old Portage Railroad along the old William Penn Highway in Cambria County.

Cambria Iron Train

I think this is over in Franklin at the mill there. But I could be wrong. Anyone with a better idea - let me know.

Barnesboro - Cambria County

This is taken from a picture postcard from around 1912 - I have no idea if this old church in Barnesboro, Cambria County still exists.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Geistown Fire Truck

Nice use of the Geistown Volunteer Fire Company Fire Truck in a national ad for W.S. Darley and Co.

Horseshoe Curve - Circus Train

Note the end car - Barnum and Bailey Circus car making the trip to Altoona on the Horseshoe Curve.

Barber Shop - Johnstown

All I know about this photo - that it was taken at a downtown Johnstown Barber Shop. As to its name, I haven't a clue along with the names of the two men in the picture. If any of know know who these two are - let me know. Update - Reader Pat T says "The barber shop, my dad (89) said he’s pretty sure it was on Locust St. up the street from the old Elk’s building on the same side of Locust St., doesn’t know the name though".

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Friday, February 18, 2011

Trolley Time

The Morrellville Trolley supposedly in Franklin - unknown year.

Glosser Ad

Glosser Bros. Famous for Savings...

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Penelec - 1964

Nice old picture postcard of the new Penelec Building along Broad Street in Cambria City.

Cassandra - Cambria County

The Hendler Building in Cassandra, Cambria County.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Robt. R. Moses - Sodas and Sundaes

Meet you all downtown at Moses Drug Store - my treat - they have the best sodas and sundaes in town. Located at Franklin and Vine Streets.

A.J. Moxham Home

The Grove, home of Arthur J. Moxham, completed by architect B. F. Horner in
March 1889 on a large wooded lot adjacent to the Dining/Dancing Hall and the band
shell of the Von Lunen Grove. Photograph taken in the summer of 1890;identifiable
on the porch are Helen Moxham (middle), her sister Dullie, Moxham's sister Evangeline,
and their two daughters Dulcenia (age 4) and Eva (age 2), being held). When Moxham moved
his family to Lorain, Ohio in March 1895, the residence was occupied by Coleman du Pont,
whom Moxham had brought from Louisville to be the new general manager at the mill.
When du Pont left Johnstown in 1898, the house remained empty for three years until
it was purchased by W. B. Dibert in May 1901. In 1916 the house was gutted by fire
and razed, and the property was subdivided into standard residential lots (Jim Moxham).

Lt. Gov. House - Menoher Blvd - Westmont

Alot of you might know this house that is still here along Menoher Blvd in Westmont. It belonged to the former Lt. Gov. Murphy. Looking at it now, I have to say, not much has changed.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Sunday, February 13, 2011

West End Electric

West End Electric - 88 Fairfield Avenue - Morrellville.

Trolley Time

Messenger and Ash Streets - September 1967

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Valentine Greeting

Nice vintage Valentine sent in by reader Rick M.

Hastings - Cambria County

This is a picture postcard of the old Hastings Train Station in Cambria County.

1908 Baseball Team - Westmont

Back Row: Harry Hassel, Henry Brickley, Ralph Raymond (Capt.), Grant Crowley, Dale Kennedy
Front Row: Frank Brickley, Tom Evans, Frank Reed, Dan Crouse.
This great slice of history was sent in by reader Pat T. Her grandfather is Grant Crowley. The team photo was taken at the Mound in Westmont in 1908.