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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Oakhurst Easter Party - 1951

Oakhurst Easter Party - 1951 - in the old Oakhurst School

Easter Sunday - 1951

Easter Sunday - March 1951 - St. John Gualbert - Downtown Johnstown

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Easter Egg Hunt - Tremont Club

Just a beautiful day for an Easter Egg Hunt - even if there is still snow on the ground.
2,500 eggs hiding all around the property
RJ doing a last minute check on his basket - getting ready for the big event.
They even stuck a few in the fence posts.
I have to say that Sam McNulty and his gang did a great job making sure the kids had a ball.
Actually all the snow still on the ground made it easier for the kids to spot the eggs.
You just had to watch out for puddles.

Sidona trying her best to spot any of the eggs that are left.
Emmett says - heck to the basket - he'll use a bag which will hold more eggs.
Not too bad for an afternoon of fun in the snow and sun.

Gene Kelly Dance School

Gene Kelly Dance School - 1950's

Signs of the Time

What draws my eyes into this shot are the billboards on the hillside for Duquesne Beer and Amoco Gas - wish they still did stuff like that. My eyes are also drawn to all the movie and store signs - I just love looking at them. What a great slice of history - showing Main Street from Lee Hospital on down. 

Sinclair Gas Station - '36

What's left of the old Sinclair Gas Station along Washington Street - 1936 Flood 

Friday, March 29, 2013

Spanish-American War Vets - 1950's

Spanish-American War Vets - Ceremony at Johnstown High - 1950's

A Group of Early Johnstown Turners - 1904

This rare old gem was sent in by Carolyn Clark. She says this is a 1904 clipping that included an 1867 photograph of the founders of the Johnstown Turnverein (Turners). All the men came from Beidenkopf, Hesse-Darmstadt and included in this picture is her great-great grandfather Charles Zimmerman, Sr. and his nephew Augustus Burggraf.

 Tuesday, August 16, 1905 - A Group of Early Johnstown Turners: The above cut represents a group of Turners who has this picture taken in 1867, just one year after the organization of the Johnstown Turnverein. These members did not constitute any particular class, but as they had all come from the same place in Germany, Beidenkopf, Hesse-Darmstadt, and had belonged to the Turners, there, they cemented an otherwise strong friendship by having their pictures taken as a "family."

The rear row, reading from left to right, was made up as follows: August Wild, William Miller, Julius Wild, Henry Alt and Charles Doepp

Middle Row: Charles Zimmerman, John Ludwig, George Engelbach and Augustus Burggraf

Front Row: Charles Wehn, Louis When and Harry Engelbach

The members of the Johnstown Turnverein are getting ready to celebrate the thirty-eighth anniversary of the founding of the local branch, the exercises in commemoration to be held at the Valley Park, Tuesday, August 23, 1904. The complete program will be ready within a few days.

There will be speeches, athletic contests, and games of all kinds. The married and single men of the Turners have formed baseball teams and will contest for the championship. There will be a quoit contest between several experts and contests of many other kinds. Findlay's orchestra will furnish the music for the dancing. Prof. Fritz John is Chairman of the Committee of Arrarangements and is working hard for the success of the celebrations.

Got Gas

So far as is known, Johnstown's first gas station was located on Maple Avenue at the site of the old Atlantic Refining Company warehouse. That its role as a filling station developed more by accident than design. 
When Atlantic opened their bulk plant on Maple Avenue in 1892, gasoline was just a byproduct rather than the basic commodity of the petroleum industry. The principal product sold was kerosene along with a variety of lubricating oils for industrial use. 

In those days the kerosene was delivered to the plant in railroad tank cars which held several thousand gallons. But gas, being a less important item on the sales list, was delivered to the local plant in 50-gallon barrels. The principal use of gasoline at the time was for torch lights and to a lesser extent, in some stoves. 

When cars arrived on the scene there weren't any gas stations, as such in the Johnstown area. Which meant drivers had to go the Maple Avenue plant to fill up. A few years later the Freedom Oil Company opened a bulk plant at the end of Oak Street near the Stonycreek River and it likewise became a popular stopping place for the city's early motorists. 

Ordinary hand buckets were used to refuel the early auto's. The buckets were filled from the 50-gallon barrels and the gas was funneled into the vehicle. A chamois skin was used to cover the mouth of the funnel to strain out any foreign objects.
As the use of cars grew, retail outlets for gasoline began to pop up throughout the city. 

Just where the first full-time station was located is now unknown. But some of the early stations were: opposite the Glosser Building on Franklin along at the site of the old Pringle's Garage on Franklin Street - the pumps at these early station had a one-gallon capacity.

While the new retail stations depended on cars for their business they were also dependent - in another respect - on the horse and wagon. In those days the automotive industry hadn't advanced to the point where thank trucks were used to make wholesale deliveries to the stations. So ironically, when a retail dealer placed an order for more supplies it was delivered in barrels atop a horse-drawn wagon.

Harmonie Singing Society

This is the Harmonie Singing Society Building on Bedford Street - a lot of my grandfathers friends belonged to the group in the early 1920's and 1930's.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

A Beautiful Summer Day

A wonderful Charles Cushman Kodakrome's that shows beauty in the starkness of the surrounding hillside of Johnstown.

Chandler School

Chandler School

Codified Ordinance - Having Fun - 1861

Codified Ordinance - Johnstown Borough - 1861: No person or persons within the said borough shall exhibit any theatrical or dramatic entertainment, or shall act, exhibit, play, or perform any opera, circus-riding, or feats of horsemanship, menagerie, or exhibition of animals, panorama, painting, sculpture, natural curiosity, tricks of legerdemain, musical party, concert, or any other exhibition, entertainment, show or amusement of whatever name or nature, for which money or any other reward is in any manner demanded or received, without a license for that purpose first had and obtained from the burgess and treasurer, which said license or permit shall express for what is granted, and the time it is to continue.

Locust Street - Downtown Johnstown

Locust Street - Downtown Johnstown

Insurance Agents

Office of Daniel Crofford - General Insurance Agent - Suppes Building - Franklin Street. I have to say - there is something funky going on with the guy on the right. Look at it closely - the upper half of his body doesn't look real to me - the legs do - but nothing else does - it looks like a cardboard cutout or in other words - Victorian Photoshop.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Coal Tipple

Coal Tipple in Franklin

First Downtown Library - 1870's

First downtown library - pre-1889 Flood - this image is from the 1870's.

'77 Cleanup

'77 Cleanup - Unknown Neighborhood - though for some reason it kind of reminds me of Coopersdale.

Cochran Kids - 1925

Cochran Kids - 1925

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Cambria Public Library

The Cambria Public Library sometime in the early 1960's - now where the Flood Museum is.

Atlantic City Gal

The two things I know for sure about this picture: it was taken in Atlantic City and the Gibson Girl posing for the photographer is from Johnstown (name unknown). This is a very large - 12 x 6 - odd sized photo  - mounted on thick postcard stock. I just love beach pictures - they simply fascinate me - one of my favorite websites - - always has a very nice selection of these vintage beauties at the beach.

Grandview Cemetery

This picture which I just got has made my day - so I hurried up and scanned it in for today's post. Very early shot of the old entrance to Grandview Cemetery - when it used Millcreek Road. Knowing that the cemetery opened in 1885 and had their first burial in 1887 and judging the landscape and clothing styles - I would date this between 1887 and no later than the mid 1890's. Bucknell Avenue became the official entrance in 1904. Click on the pictures to enlarge them.
Top of the gate.
This picture is mounted on very thick cardboard and looks like it hung on a wall. I think either the two men or the young boy were related to people that had it on their wall.
This looks like some type of inscription on the stone of the doorway of the arch - but it's too hard to make out - along with a creepy looking image most likely caused by the weather. At least I hope that is the case....because it kind of reminds me of the Virgin Mary.
This picture was taken in the Spring which helps to really show off some of the features that are long gone - like the fences - which I have never seen pictures of before. All in all - a pretty cool look at this age-old landmark. For a picture of the old Chapin Arch - CLICK HERE.

Monday, March 25, 2013


Gautier around 1930 or so - you see the old Adams Street School in front of the third and fourth mill buildings on the right hand side of the picture.

Somerset Street - Johnstown

 Vintage Postcard - Somerset Street.

March Madness

A little March Madness - Johnstown Style - at the Cambria County War Memorial - 1950's. I think Johnstown High could possibly be the team in the dark jerseys - the other team - I have no clue. What is so interesting about this is: check out the foul shots - the guys are shooting underhand. 

The First Paddy-Wagon - 1910

1910 Pope-Hartford Police Car - (photo not from Johnstown)

The first motorized patrol to be placed in police service in Johnstown was this type of four-cylinder Pope-Hartford and it went into service today - March 25, 1910. The city fathers paid out $4,000 in 1910 (a whopping $97,087 now)

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Lee Cafeteria


Lee Cafeteria - '77

Fleckenstein - 1953

Fleckenstein's - 86 Fairfield Avenue - Complete Line of Supplies - 1953

Codified Ordinance - Johnstown - Motor Vehicles - 1911

Back in 1911 Johnstown city council took the first steps to regulate the use of motor vehicles on city streets. 

In an ordinance approved in January 1911 it decreed that the speed of such vehicles should not exceed one mile in 2 and a half minutes or 24 miles an hour.
Going a step further, the city fathers ruled that in dangerous, congested or built-up districts the top speed should be one mile in five minutes, which figures out to 12 miles an hour. 

Those were not the only restrictions imposed on the early automobile drivers in Johnstown. If signaled to do so by the driver of any horse or other animal, the operator of a motor vehicle was required to stop his machine and if circumstances required - to shut off the motor as well.
This apparently was intended to prevent the chugging engines of the early cars from frightening horses and causing runaways. 

Council also decreed in the 1911 ordinance that all motor vehicles have "good and sufficient brakes" along with a horn, bell or other warning device.

Four years later - in 1915 - council adopted a new ordinance to control traffic on city streets. This time it fixed a general speed limit of 15 miles an hour. Motor vehicle operators no longer were required to stop on signal from the drivers of horses. The responsibility for keeping horses under control was shifted more directly to their drivers. "No horse shall be left unattended unless securely fastened," as per the new ordinance.
As a further precaution against runaways, council decreed that "no one shall cease to hold the reins in his hand while driving, riding or leading a horse."

Central Park - 1890's

Central Park - 1890's

Saturday, March 23, 2013

North Fork Dam

North Fork Dam around 1950 

Roundhouse Accident

Locomotive that didn't quite stop in Conemaugh 

Modern News Stand - 1950's

Modern News Stand - located at the bottom of the Prospect Viaduct at the corner of Washington Street. For all you younger readers - a very nice look at a now forgotten slice of life...

Friday, March 22, 2013

Trolley Time

Main and Franklin Streets with Central Park on the right hand side of the photo.

The Rathskeller - Washington Street

The Rathskeller - M. Marcella, Prop. - Pilsner, Cambria, Goenner, Iron City, Emmerling and Cincinnati Beer on Draught - 520 Washington Street.

Rolling Mill Mine

Rolling Mill Mine - Westmont Hillside 

Johnstown Freie Presse

Johnstown Freie Presse - I have some of their items they published in German - but no clippings from their German newspaper.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Strolling Along

Downtown Johnstown - 1950's

German Day - 1904 - Part 10

More on German Day - 1904 - sent in by reader Mike Mertle - for Part 9 - CLICK HERE. Officials and Members of Barbarossa Castle.
F.W. Meyer - Job Printer, Ed. Overdorff - Contractor and Builder, Thos. J. Apryle - Watchmaker and Jeweler, Wm. B. Waters & Bro. - Booksellers and Stationers, Wm. H. Raab & Bro. - Printers, Adam Huebner - Maple Hotel
History of the German Men's Chorus
Geschichte des Deutschen Mannerchors
Officials and Members of Kickenpawling Tribe
Cresson Springs Brewing
Eugene Zimmerman - Livery and Boarding Stables, John Heilman - German Day Address, Palace Steam Laundry - Franklin Street and Wm. A. Zipf - Baker and Confectioner - Washington Street
L.A. Sible & Co. - Druggists - 225 Broad Street, Julius Wild - Chairman, Hotel Maneval - Clinton Street and Updegrave - Eye Specialists - Main Street
Walters & Decker - Plumbers, Royal Bar and Cafe - M. Fitzharris - Main Street, Vowinkel & McGuin - Whiskey - Walnut Grove
Geo. E. Young - German Apothecary and Bernet & Co. - Main Street
Duquesne Beer - Northcraft, Bloch & Co. - Clinton Street, Walter Hahn - Meats and Canned Goods - Bedford Street and Consumers Ice Co. 
Penn Traffic Co. - Washington and Market Streets