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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Pennsylvania Flyer

Wreck of the Pennsylvania Flyer - February 26, 1907

Anderson Motel

Anderson Motel - Scalp Avenue

July 28, 1944: Yanks Two Miles From Coutances

The Johnstown Tribune - July 28, 1944
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Joseph Maschak
Lee Maschak
Emil Maschak
Sgt. John Podrasky
Sgt. Andy Faher
Pvt. Samuel Beechan
Pfc. Leo Bender
Cpl. Lloyd Gailey
Joene Chekonik

The Lone Ranger

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Monday, July 27, 2015

Franklin Street - '36

The gentleman who took this - Foster W. Buchanan died a short time after taking this shot on Franklin Street during the worst of the flood. 

Main Street

VJ Repeat - Main Street

July 27, 1944: Yanks Forge Ahead in Normandy

The Johnstown Tribune - July 27, 1944
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Peter Rasich
Wolford - Leibfreid
Elmer Roos

Idlewild Park

Friday, July 24, 2015

Main & Franklin

Richland Mall

Masons working on the Ricland Mall.

Prospect Victory Garden

VJ Summer Repeat

July 24, 1944: Red Armies Approaching Warsaw

The Johnstown Tribune - July 24, 1944
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Jacque Anderson
Mrs. Amanda Hill
Mrs. Garth Maynard
Benjamin Pensyl
Mrs. Alexander Piotrowska
Nicholas Altimus
Mrs. George Kristel
William Berkey
Mrs. Catherine Leitenberger
Mrs. Henry Keefer
John Pynkala
Mrs. Carmella Mignogna
John Menoher
Adam Antol
Mrs. Oliva Gearhart
Mrs. Robert Brown
Mrs. Lavina Baumgardner
Mrs. Anna Sanker
Homer Fritz
Obadiah Brant
Mrs. Eliabeth Tims
Alec Nagoda
Mrs. Marie Nolan
Walter Picklo
Mrs. Cecelia Voeghley
James Menoher

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Vintage Johnstown Signs Show

Vintage Johnstown Signs
Big City Signs
Opening Reception: Friday, July 24, 5 - 7 PM

411 Third Avenue • Johnstown, PA 15906 •
(814) 535-2020 or (814) 536-5399
Here are a few of the many more signs they have been working on.