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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Franklin Mill

Reader Barry Orner sent in this great shot of Franklin taken in October of 1981.


Before the flood.

March 31, 1944: U.S. Attacks Palau, 600 Miles from the Philippines

The Johnstown Tribune - March 31. 1944
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Local Names:
Jean Larson
Steve Falsone
T.J. Falsone
Samuel Robb
James Busch
Robert Cunningham
Mrs. Saveria Domenick
William Smith
Miss Janet Clark
William Bracken
Henry Briskey
Florian Treimer
Mrs. Clara Fox
Wilmer Trexel
Peter Mitro
Mrs. Stefan Slis
Mrs. Janet Lewis
Mrs. Edith Mansfield
Robert Bittner
George Breig
John Bender
Mrs. Nellie Shaulis
Mrs. Johanna Little

U.S. Steel

U.S. Steel - Lorain Division - Moxham

Monday, March 30, 2015

Trolley Time

Coopersdale Loop



March 30, 1944: Germans Flee Carnauti, Gateway to the Balkans

The Johnstown Tribune - March 30, 1944
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Local Items:
Planting of trees in honor of soldiers at the homes of Andrew Molchany, Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Jacko to their son Joseph and Edward Yamnitsky dedicated to son-in-law Walter Zalupski and grandson Elmer Musselman Jr.
West End Boys Basketball League

1915 PRR Champs

1915 PRR Champs taken on the old Conemaugh Field.
Front Row - left to right: Wright, "Biz" O'Brien, Fred Fees, William Smith, "Dutch" Otto, John Stover and Jimmie Neilson.
Back Row - left to right: George B. Hunter, Bowen, Unknown, Reighard, Harper Emerick and Mike Wagner.

Sunday, March 29, 2015


Oppy - Prescription Druggist

Trolley Time

Coopersdale Loop

March 29, 1944: Reds Drive for Odessa

The Johnstown Tribune - March 29, 1944
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Mrs. Jennie Blair
Edward Straub
Grant Boucher
Albert Dimond
Ralph Ickes
Jean Pearl Miller
Mrs. Munzio Dominick
Carl Hastings
Local Names:
Sgt. George Porch

Carrolltown - 1894

Carrolltown was founded in 1840 when Father Peter Henry Lemke, who was an assistant to Prince Gallitzin and also pastor of the Catholic Church in Ebensburg at the time, bought 395 acres in what is now Carrolltown from William Vaux. The first lots were sold in 1847. In 1849 St. Benedict's Catholic Church was started in Carrolltown and dedicated in 1850. In 1851 John Campbell bought 81 acres from Father Lemke and laid out a town which he called Campelltown. However, that land together with the rest of the tract was combined and renamed Carolltown after Bishop Carroll of Baltimore. 

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Jolly Roger

Jolly Roger Restaurant - site will soon be the location of a new CVS.

Morrell School

This is an old photo of Morrell School - Barron Avenue and D Street in Morrellville. Now the present location of St. Francis Church. Some members of my grandfather's family went there including his sister Margaret (Lenz) Gloor 1897 - 1967. She is the small child in front. Also on the picture is his brother Albert Lenz and sister Lena (Lenz) Pittman.
This cabinet card was taken at their old house at 1313 B Street - this picture dates from around 1900. I have Margaret's old school book from Morrell School - 1909.
And the best page of all:

Luther's Restaurant

Luther's Restaurant - Mundy's Corner - Intersection of 22 - 219.

March 28, 1944: Reds Massed at Prut River

The Johnstown Tribune - March 28, 1944
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Friday, March 27, 2015


Slutzker's - Jeweler and Optometrist

Trolley Time

Heading over the bridge to Conemaugh.

March 27, 1944: Reds Mass on Prut River For Invasion of Rumania

The Johnstown Tribune - March 27, 1944
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Orville Keim 
John Keim
William Kovalchik
Edward Kovalchik

Keep the Lines Open

Snow plowing the old fashioned way.