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Saturday, November 28, 2015

Broad Street Works

Rare shot of the old mill stuff that used to be on Broad Street - right across from St. Columba.

Old Mercy Hospital

Not the one they later built.

Rodoljub 15th

These members of Croatian Educational Society, Rodoljub, posed together when the organization marked its 15th anniversary in 1925. Click on the picture to enlarge.
They are: First Row (left to right) - Joseph Palian, John Baharic, Fred Stanicak, Stanka Matijevic, Hans Roemer, Joseph Dupin, Paul Palian and Mike Srbel.

Second Row (left to right) - Louis Kisic, John Cekalj, Frank Dupin, Milan Hrkman, Sava Peuraca, Pete Vindish, Mike Amershek, Louis Stefanich, Nick Baharic and Dragutin Neral.

Third Row (left to right) - Mike Fink, George Dupin, Thomas Dupin, Frank Boldin, Rudolf Amershek, Joseph Cernik, Steve Malac, Rudolf Cernic and Joseph Vajdic.

Fourth Row (left to right) - John Mikan, Joseph Kisic, Nick Pavecic, Tony Tomec, John Grguric, John Lukac, Joseph Matan, Rudolph Lukac and George Kabos.

November 28, 1944: Yanks Drive Mile Toward Roer

The Johnstown Tribune - November 28, 1944
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Staff Sgt. Henry Price
Cpl. Michael Kita

Friday, November 27, 2015

Beautiful Central Park

I have to say that Central Park has never looked so beautiful! I'd say there were at least 200 or more people out and about enjoying the sights and sounds of the park. Most of them families with kids. We went across the street to Em's for some hot chocolate and I asked the girl how business is with the tree and she said it has really helped them out - having more walk in traffic.

McCrory's Black Friday Sale - 1949

This is a pretty cool post today! Check out the actual Christmas 1949 window display at McCrory's on Main Street. They are having a big Christmas Sale - that is - if you're looking to get a great deal - if you like Canasta...which I have to say - I have never played. 
The inside of the old Main Street store - rare shots indeed!
A little closer look at the window display.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

CLICK HERE to see the debut of the new 36' Christmas Tree in Central Park and all five songs and light show. A recap of this years parade is also included. I made a website to keep them altogether.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Charity Bazar - 1916

Charity Bazar for the War Sufferers in Germany, Austria and Hungary - May 15 to 20, 1916 - at the Auditorium along Main Street. Before America entered The Great War - we officially were supposed to be neutral - so this event was created as a community effort to help their friends and family back home. Even some very high ranking German officials came to Johnstown to lend their support and give speeches. The U.S. was never really neutral - just playing on both sides of the fence - until we fell off it in 1917.
My great-grandmother Rose (Baum) Lenz was one of the organizers.

Rev. Ernest Porzolt, Mr. Fred Krebs, Rev. E. A. Tappert and Mr. John Widmann

Mr. Herman Cron, Mr. Peter S. Fisher, Mr. L.H. Opperman and Mr. Paul Schmidt

Mr. Geza von Heinrich, Mr. John Von Alt, Mr. Henry J. Gradwohl and Mr. John Meise
Mr. Joseph Bullinger, Mr. Bruno Danker, Mr. Adam Robel and Mr. Henry Robel
It is with pride that I can say my own great-grandmother Mrs. John Lenz along with other members of our family were very involved in the effort to help others - what is so cute is that my grandfather even underlined her name.

Mrs. John Widmann, Mrs. Cyrus Wehn Brown, Mrs. John Borbonus and Mrs. Rev. E. Porzsolt
Mrs. John C. Abele, Mrs. John Lenz, Mrs. Frank Bruckner, Mrs. Joseph Bullinger and Mrs. Carl Schubert
Mrs. Conrad Hahn, Mrs. Geo. G. Viering, Mrs. John Meise and Mrs. Ernst 
Mrs. Julius Bischoff, Mrs. Frank Lux, Mrs. Frank Heinrich, Mrs. Paul Schilling and Mrs. Louis Hessler
Mr. George Schaller, Mr. Ed Riddel, Miss Paula Somogyi, Miss Edna Meise, and Miss Ilse Meise
George G. Viering - Undertaker and Embalmer - 415 Franklin Street and First National Bank - Corner of Main and Franklin Streets
Program - Monday - May 15th
Buy it at Widmann's - Railroad Street, Martin Barentincic - Undertaker and Embalmer - 324 Broad Street and George E. Young - Drugs and Seeds
Program - Tuesday - May 16th
Miller's - Reliable Clothiers, Fisher & Co. - Wines and Liquors - Clinton and Main, Porch Bros. - High Grade Pianos and Player Pianos - Corner of Vine and Franklin and Geis - Furniture, Rugs, Carpets and Lace Curtains - Clinton Street near Main
Program - Wednesday - May 17th

 August G. Mayer - We kill all our cattle and make our own sausage and puddings - 512 Broad Street, 16th Ward Home Hotel - The Only Hungarian Hotel in Cambria City - 319 Broad Street and Cambria Bowling Alley - 216 Broad Street
Program - Thursday - May 18th
Wm. H. Strauss and Co. - 114 and 116 Franklin Street
Program - Friday - May 18th

Hoffman Transfer Co. - Taxicabs, Touring Cars and Baggage
Program - Saturday - May 20th
Title, Trust and Guarantee Co. - Main and Clinton, Louis H. Opperman - 5 Stores, Fisher Bros. - Quality Meats - Groceries and Butterine - Clinton Street and Keystone Hotel - Bar and Café - Main Street

Kristof Ferencz, Kover Sandor, Eperjessy Istvan and Balkanyi Antal
Schwartz Bros. - Johnstown's Low Price Leaders
Nagy Gyulane, Kover Sandorne, Kristof Ferenczne, Kriston Gusztavne, Somogyi Paula and Springer Samuelne

Mozgo Mariska, Kelemen Menyhertne, Kocsan Jozefne, Klimcsak Edene, Somogyi Izidorne, Drotovics Janosne, Mutter Ignaczne and Bodnar Istvanne
 Hotel Riedel - Railroad Street, J.L. Kingston - Franklin Street,
Towzey Phillips & Co. - Gas and Electric, B. Danker & Son - Robb Avenue and Somerset Street,
Valley Engraving Co., Paul Schmidt - Hardware and Furniture - 317 Broad Street
Waltrud Meise and Ermin Gradwohl