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Friday, November 30, 2012

Inside Swanks Hardware

Inside Swanks Hardware - Downtown Johnstown  

Amslo Club

Amslo Club - Friendiest Place in Town - 85 Lenhart Street

Unknown Johnstown

A reader sent in this shot of this unknown Johnstown neighborhood. This looks like Brownstown to me...

The City I Call Home

This picture of Downtown Johnstown makes me happy and yet kind of sad at the same time...but I don't know why that can click on the picture to enlarge it.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Penn Traffic Fire - 1905

A rare shot of the big Penn Traffic Store Fire in Downtown Johnstown - August 28 and August 29, 1905. The fire completely destroyed a whole chunk of the business district last seen HERE. As with most treasures - I found this picture in a box of assorted photos - most of them just regular family shots - that a friend of mine gave me to go through. This just goes to show - you never know what you might run across.

Johnstown - 1918

This is my grandfather John Cacicia (1892 - 1968) on the right and a unknown friend of his around 1918. I know it's the Johnstown area - but I'm not sure of where exactly.

Kirkendall Retail Druggist

Kirkendall - Retail Druggist and Retail Store - Main and Clinton Streets

White House Ice Cream

White House Ice Cream - It's a Happy Mealtime Choice and a Perfect Party Dessert - Sanitary Dairy

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The West End of Johnstown

Love this shot of the West End of Johnstown looking towards the Conemaugh Gap. Just wish it was a bit clearer - I tried to enlarge it - but it came out even softer. To help you out - I marked off the Coopersdale Bridge on the right and the old Harris-Boyer Bakery on the left. Plus just a wonderful look at the mountains that I spend a great deal of time exploring.

German Day Band at Luna Park

One of the many German Bands in the area - at Luna Park (Roxbury) on German Day - 1904.

Sons of Italy - 1937

Here are the officers and administrators of Johnstown Lodge 1614, Order of the Sons of Italy in 1937, just six years after the group was founded.
Left to right - front row: Joseph Mancusa, Angelo Falva, Samuel Marracco, Joseph Grande and Nunzio Caeti.
Second Row: John DiMiglia, Sam Cannarella, Nina Alfredo, Peter Grassi, James Patanella and Philip Ciraula.
Back Row: Joseph Barbera, Tony Cascalda, Joseph Di Bartolo, Joseph Nicandro and Thomas Angelucci.
It was just a few years after this picture was taken that the fast-growing lodge purchased its present home on Baumer Street. 

Trolley Time

I just think this picture is so beautiful....I just want to step into it.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Dale - Hornerstown

A very nice view of Dale and parts of Hornerstown

Unknown Johnstown

A reader sent in this shot of another unknown Johnstown neighborhood.

Future Johnstown Homemakers

Johnstown High - Home Ec Class of 1931 - Future Johnstown Homemakers. Looking at this picture - I just wonder how many of these young women ended up either walking into or tripping over the gas lines throughout the room to fuel the stoves or whacked their knees on the oven door handles....

Cambria-Rowe Letter Shop

Cambria-Rowe Letter Shop for all your mimeograph needs - 422 Vine Street. Going to Bheam School - we'd all fight over who would get to pass out the freshly printed mimeograph copies - they would smell so simply wonderful...along with being warm to the touch - it's one of those smells that you never forget.... 

Monday, November 26, 2012

New Low-Low Prices

McNally's Tire - 425 Franklin Street - only $2.50 for a brand new Armstrong Rhino-Flex Tire - Check This Deal: One Tire for $33.30 + Second Tire $2.50 = 2 For $35.80

Cambria Theatre - 1936

Cambria Theatre - Main Street - 1936 Flood

Rodoljub - 1925

These members of Croatian Educational Society, Rodoljub, posed together when the organization marked its 15th anniversary in 1925. Click on the picture to enlarge.
They are: First Row (left to right) - Joseph Palian, John Baharic, Fred Stanicak, Stanka Matijevic, Hans Roemer, Joseph Dupin, Paul Palian and Mike Srbel.

Second Row (left to right) - Louis Kisic, John Cekalj, Frank Dupin, Milan Hrkman, Sava Peuraca, Pete Vindish, Mike Amershek, Louis Stefanich, Nick Baharic and Dragutin Neral.

Third Row (left to right) - Mike Fink, George Dupin, Thomas Dupin, Frank Boldin, Rudolf Amershek, Joseph Cernik, Steve Malac, Rudolf Cernic and Joseph Vajdic.

Fourth Row (left to right) - John Mikan, Joseph Kisic, Nick Pavecic, Tony Tomec, John Grguric, John Lukac, Joseph Matan, Rudolph Lukac and George Kabos.

Downtown Johnstown

Another great shot of Johnstown sent in by a reader - hardly a house to be found downtown now.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Wrestling at the War Memorial - 1953

Wrestling - Chief Don Eagle vs Golden Superman - War Memorial Arena

Tanneryville '77

Tanneryville - 1977 Flood 

First Napoleon Street Bridge

Spanking new Napoleon Street Bridge - on the left you can barely see the old Union Park Cemetery and looking straight at you - old Joe Johns. 

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Unknown Neighborhood

A reader sent in this shot - all he knows is that it was taken somewhere in Johnstown - even I can't figure out where this is. 

Red Top Annex

Red Top Annex - next to Red Top Market - Scalp Avenue - We Give Green Stamps

Free Poland Society - 1953

It was in 1932 that members of the Johnstown Free Poland Society gathered at St. Casimer's Church to observe the 25th anniversary of the organization--a unit of the Polish National Alliance. In the foreground were members of the society-sponsored baseball team, then known as Minersville PNA.

In the second row were officers and leaders of the association. Left to right - they are: Frank Stasik, Stanley Cyburt, John Schultz, John Moskal, Dr. C.S. Grabiak, Dr. B.W. Grabiak, Rev. Walter Finke, Rev. Walter Lewczyk, Joseph Yesh, Stanley Jagiela, Anthony Cyburt, John Lis, Val Golmulka, Ignace Jackel, Tom Gzegorczyk, Walter Rzaza and Joseph Cyburt.

Sorry but the others have no names listed. But they are standing on the steps of the old St. Casimer's Church. Click on the picture to enlarge.

High Above Cambria City

A reader sent in this shot - looking down from Minersville to above Cambria City sometime in the 1940's. Minersville Bridge is closest - then the walking bridge to the mill and Stone Bridge off in the distance. There is even a coal powered train off in the distance heading into town.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Luna Park

The once grand old Luna Park - (Roxbury Park) 

Happy Shopping

On this Black Friday - thought I'd post this very nice look at some of the stores that used to line Main Street - F.W. Woolworths, Berg's, McCrory's and Kresge's. Click on the pictures to enlarge them.
Best I could do - cropping the shot to see what is in the windows...
 Kresge sign that is still there - though a bit faded by time. 

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Trolley Time

Central Park 

Franklin & Washington

Corner of Franklin and Washington - there is so much going on here - that you don't know where to look first - from Sherer's One Stop Service to all the businesses that used to line Washington Street.

Home Furniture Co.

Home Furniture Co. - corner of Clinton and Locust - Everything for 3 luxurious rooms.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Looking Down from Above

Looking at Main Street with the gap off in the distance. What strikes me the most about this picture is just how many trees used to be in Central Park - looks like a forest down there.

We Light Up the Town

Oppy Signs and Neon Co. - Neon and Painted Signs - Clinton Street at the head of Washington

Trolley Time

At the intersection of Strayer and Chandler - Clarks Dairy in the middle of the picture

Memorial Hospital Construction

Here is a follow up on more construction at Memorial Hospital - 1950's.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Memorial Hospital

Nice look at what used to be part of the old Memorial Hospital campus.

Johnstown Suburban Gas Company

 Make Your Own Ice - Servel 3 in 1 Sensation -Johnstown Suburban Gas Company - 543 Vine Street - Models to fit all needs and budgets.
Servel (also called Electrolux-Servel), starting in 1927, and continuing through 1956, built millions of gas and kerosene powered refrigerators, gas water heaters, gas air conditioners, and electric refrigerators.

JHS - 1931

Vintage Repeat - Johnstown High School Class from 1931 - learning how to survey - on what has to be the hillside by the old high school. Unfortunately, the picture didn't come with any names underneath.

Washington Street

Washington Street - downtown Johnstown near the FOE.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Rosedale Coke Plant

Rosedale Coke Plant 

St. John's Church - 1968

This is a Library of Congress picture of St. John's Church in downtown Johnstown from 1968. 

The Hub - Greatest Dollar Values!!

The Hub - Enter Our Doors and Get More - Greatest Dollar Values - this clipping is from 1953. Click on the picture to enlarge.

Gettysburg Parade - November 2012

 A special shout out to some of  our local groups in the annual Gettysburg Parade. Daughters of the Union Veterans of the Civil War - Somerset County.
Mt. Union Church - Camp # 502 - Somerset County
46th Pa. Regiment Band - Logan Guard - Altoona
It was such a beautiful fall day with perfect weather....
for pictures off all kinds.....